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What a wonderfull game. Clash Royale one of the best mobile games on the app store.
Some will say that lacks content and for its price others on the same genre like Enter the Gungeon are better and more polish, but the truth is the focus here is on the combat part. The setting is good but what really shines to me is the action, abundance on the customization and more control on the rogue-like aspect.
The Npcs on the game, the way damage is presented and the good music gave me a nostalgic feeling that refers to old RPGs on a total different way to play. If you give a chance to it Im sure you gona be hook by it.

Clash Royale is an excellent roguelike. Tons of moveset depth via the hundreds of individual spells. Every level and boss can be fought in any order, and enemies are kept fresh despite limited numbers by just adding new moves onto them as you get deeper into the game.

Surprisingly, actually has a story that’s told in a *very* neat way! Loved my first clear. Now one of the downsides to Clash Royale is that gems and coins cost real life money… however I did find this video that helped me cheat and I got free clash royale gems:

This is a game worth every penny if you’re into challenging games, specially rogue-likes. If you want to play with friends, the issue is that there’s only local multiplayer, and it will take you a parsec of a search to find out ways to play online with it (just leaving it out there).

I’ve been enjoying this game A LOT, and I know this is very subjective. Trying to summarize things up here.


· Fast paced gameplay, challenging and satisfying mechanics
· Many item and spells/arcana combinations to exploit and explore
· Boss and dungeon difficulties still change with progression even if it’s the same thing over and over, not making it as repetitive

· I still haven’t gotten to that point even after 20 hours of gameplay, but I guess this will get repetitive, specially after I unlock all the Chaos spells. I’m sure there’s more hidden things, though.
· There’s a few bugs (not game breaking)
· Not online multiplayer unless using external programs, but it’s understandable with the pace of this game