WWE Game in Review!

Progression/Leveling Up:
When visiting new regions, I’ll typically be there a while to explore all the points of interest before moving on. It’s very possible to stop in via a quest then jet off to the next mission marker, but as I am not playing that way I can’t speak to how much grind is necessary before hitting any level limitations. Just by me exploring locations and completing any objectives associated with it, I am leveling very steadily and above any requirements that the story may demand.

Piggy backing off of the previous leveling discussion, wwe does have microtransactions. They are marketed on the main title screen and offer not only cosmetics, but experience boosters, crafting materials, and weapons/armor. With my playstyle I have never been inclined what so ever to make any purchases, but this may not be the same for everyone. Here is how you can get it for free: wwe 2k19 free download

Performance and Bugs:
I’m running a GTX 1070ti and quad core intel processor. Beautiful graphics with steady frame rate. Only once has it dropped for a short time in a city to be noticeable. No crashes and no bugs that I’ve encountered. I’ve seen some odd enemy movement on rare occassion, but that’s it so far.

That about sums up my playtime thus far. I’m sure I’ll return with a bit more once I get farther into the world and story. Thanks!