Venom Tom Brady’s New Movie

I caught the new film Venom and I wanted to let the film sink in a bit before offering my review because one thing I don’t like is when people turn dog piling on a movie and really sadistic fashion almost like to having a competition who can be the most cruel especially when there’s so many people out there who genuinely sincere I want to see a movie featuring this character who been banging the drum for years and someone who spent a great deal of their life with their nose buried in a comic book I can totally relate to that kind of passion that said in the nicest possible terms I have to say this movie is absolutely terrible and I’m going to try and explain why I feel that way in an unemotional active way because I can’t remember a time where superhero movies were basically non-existent where if you got one every 5 to 10 years you were lucky and if you got one that was good that was even more rare but venomous the kind of movie that could ultimately kill the superhero phenomenon in movies and if all the superheroes genre had to offer was more movies like them I would I give up on my chin superhero movies entirely if you saw the movie and love it or if you haven’t seen you yet but you’re dying to see it is probably not going to be the video for you but if like me you were frustrated by the film let’s dig into it so as far as I’m concerned Marvel’s name should not even be on this movie I feel a lot of brand confusion Sony Pictures has had the rights to Spider-Man 4 very long time in a couple years ago they basically made a deal where any future movies featuring our favor Webhead would basically the creative side would be handled by Marvel but they would be financing distributed by Sony a win-win for everybody involved as far as I know he hasn’t made a good superhero movie. Now I did watch venom from this youtube clip: watch venom online free

since Spider-Man 2 back in 2004 Spider-Man 3 Amazing Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man 2 call just Abominations when I first saw the trailer for Venom in its everybody getting excited I kept my skepticism mostly to myself just because I didn’t want to be a buzz kill spoiling everybody’s fun if it ain’t easy movie connect with Amy Pascal name as producer it’s a very wise idea to lower your expectations all the way to the bottom that’s a totally understand why so he wants to launch their Spider-Man shared Universe in the era of these giant franchises if not working on at least a few of these shared universes you can be left Far Behind by the students that are Warner Brothers obviously has the World of Harry Potter and DC Comics and all these incredible horror movies and Marvel and Star Wars for god sakes who has the rights to Spider-Man they have no choice but to try and flush out a little mini contain Marvel Universe surrounding the Spider-Man characters without actually featuring Spider-Man and apparently then I’m supposed to be the beginning of a Trilogy that might lead into some other Spider-Man villain movies but what these movies are failing to recognize is that in the world of comics super villains and superheroes