Vampyr Review! Plus FREE Vampyr Steam Key Giveaway!

Sorry Edgelords, I’m going to have to say that this is a good game.

Story 4/5 Character development, continuity, and intrest generation.
Avatar control 2/5 How does control of the PC go over.
Weapon/item feel 3/5 Physics, damage, knockback, effects of weapons and usable items.
World Sense 5/5 Look and feel of the areas and costume.

I know it’s in vouge to say that the industry is dead and since this is the biggest problem that my life of privlidge allows for I then must fight the power. In this case I can’t. Now, Vampyr isnt “COD: Vampires” so it does only cater to a smaller segment of the market. In my opinion there is a certain part of the gamer community that will enjoy this.

I’m happy to spend the $50ish bucks to play this a few times and then move on to something else. That’s what I did with witcher 3, fallout 4, Wildlands or any of the other bigger titles that have come about. This will fit that use-case. I’m not entitled to a groundbreaking custom made experience every three months. If you are interested in playing vampyr watch this video to get a free keycode for xbox, ps4 or steam: vampyr free key!

Go ahead and get it. I say it’s between good and really good.

Your Choices Matter –
Vampyr’s devs have pressed a lot on the morality system present in the game. “Whatever you do, it affects the game” has been a constant that has been brought up in nearly every gameplay demo. So how true is it?
Well, pretty much actually.The game lets you choose what kind of playstyle you like. Pretty much every RPG out there lets you do the same, and Vampyr is no different. Whatever choices you make, it’ll impact the status of the district you’re in (basically changing the game difficulty).

Speaking of difficulty, it’s auto-adjusting. Meaning it relies on your actions in-game. You make or break the game yourself.

Combat –
The combat towards the beginning of the game is kinda button mashy. Okay, not too button mashy, but repetitive. You dodge, you attack. Rinse and repeat. I came victorious in the second major boss battle doing only that, even though I was severely under-leveled. I was level 6, the enemy was level 9. But alas, after some grinding, I was done.

Mission Structure –

Half of these are “help this poor citizen out” type quests, while the main missions run at highly breakneck speed. But the contrast between both of these is so high, that it only serves to look jarring. Sorry, but I don’t wanna play a half Vampire, half Sherlock Holmes here.