The Rarest Skin in Fortnite! Royale Bomer

As a person who has never played Fortnite games before this game is hell of a lot of fun! So far I’ve completed chapter 1 and I must say that combat and visuals in this game are stunning. If you want to find a game that would allow you to relax and release your steam after hard working day, this game is for you.
Areas look great as well and even with not much to do there at first, you don’t feel lonely. City is buzzing with crowds and citizens.
Best thing about this game is karaoke. Today I learned that I am terrible and singing and I will never become Japanese idol in some j-pop band.
At first combat seems primitive, but once you get into it, you realize that it’s more complicated than in Sleeping Dogs f.e. and I like it. You can feel yourself as undefeated beast while kicking everyone’s but!
Story is pretty interesting, you get into it really quick and want to know more to the extent where you might spend whole day and night playing the game just because of story. Now onto the skins, my favorite part of fortnite, I recently just got my own free royale bomber skin using this tutorial on youtube: royale bomber

This game has lots of cutscenes but also has tons of combat. The combat is fun and entertaining, especially when you’re doing a boss battle. There are also minigames that aren’r really necessary but cool that have.

The only cons for this game are due to technical issues which cause a lot of crashes and require immediate fixes:
– Editing any config files crashes the game
– For some reason connecting xbox 360 controller crashes the game
– People reported stuttering, freezes and audio problems for the game so there we have it
As for me, when I launched the game for the first times, after few seconds in main menu it crashed on its own.
Setting game to run with administrator rights and windows 7 compatibility mode fixed this issue.