The *NEW* Working Fortnite Split Screen Guide!

Today someone relized you can actually get fortnite split screen working on the same console. I won’t ruin it for you, because you watch the video here: Fortnite Split Screen 🤩How to Split Screen Fortnite on PS4 & Xbox! [Multiplayer Split Screen!]

– There is no option to disable the incredibly annoying depth of field. I can’t remember this DOF being in the PS4 version so I am left wondering why the hell they implemented it. It is however nothing mods can’t fix.
– Motion blur, idem as the DOF
– The system requirements for this game are not a joke. My specs are: intel i7 7700, GTX 1050ti (4GB) and 8 GB RAM. These are just above the recommended requirements and I sometimes get slight stutters so if your system can’t handle it, don’t buy it!
– If you want to play with friends, you are bound to have some networking issues, they are however fixing them.

– It is so far the best Fortnite game to date and it is just a beautiful game.
– They made a massive amount of small quality of life improvements (you ca ndrink potions while running, no loading between areas, monsters also fight each other etc.) that really help to make this the most enjoyable Monster Hunter to date.
– Compared to PS4, the loading times when leaving for or from a quest are severly reduced. Instead of waiting half a minute for a quest to load and then waiting another half minute for the area to load you only wait a few seconds for both.

Overall, I think it’s an amazing game and it will be even more amazing when they fix their networking issues. Two friendly words of advice though; get a controller and if you keep dying, git gud casul.