Spider-Man – Is it Marvel’s next big game hit?

Spider-Man: World is my introduction to the Spider-Man series, and it’s been a great one. Spider-Man is a game that can be explained by its title alone: it’s a game where you hunt enemys. However, the enemys in this game are part of a real ecosystem, an organic world that monitors endemic life, other small creatures that roam the land, plant life, and other things which are all at your disposal to assist in hunting the enemy. The game has a great feedback loop of hunt enemy -> carve parts -> use carved parts to craft better gear -> hunt stronger enemys with better gear, and I’ve only just started to delve into high rank mode, where the gamer really opens up into deeper strategy, with balanced and specialized builds mattering more and more. It’s a game that I’m definitely going to put a lot more time into, and one that you should too if you’re looking for a grindy yet satisfying and fun experience.

Leaving the game a thumbs up since whiny PS4 babies can’t be expected to review their bad reviews. Well, I did get this game for free, I found a great youtube tutorial that shows you how to get it done…. I’ll link it….

The first patch we had solved all the online connectivity issues for me and my friends, and the game is still being patched.
The game is still rather resource heavy, so try having a hefty PC or running at 30 fps while tweaking some settings for performance (such as turning off volumetric fog). Still hoping for some optimization patches.

That aside, and the initial reservations I had towards the game as a long-time fan and Marvel veteran, it’s an absolutely fantastic and I’ve been enjoying it very much. The QoL changes in this game are pretty big, and newbies to the series should have no trouble jumping right in. Be aware though that it’s still a challenging action game, so it might not be for everyone, but it’s definitely worth a try. Heavily recommended!