Someone figured out how to play Fortnite on Android

Yes I cannot believe this either…. someone has actually re-engineered fornite on the iOS to work with Android. They have uploaded how to play here on their youtube channel: How to install Fortnite on Android

It is definitely working, as I am playing it right now! Here is my review of it here…

Started playing this at launch on my PS4. Quickly burned hundreds of hours into it and knew I needed it on PC. Built a custom setup just for this game, and it is really the only game I’ve played regularly since. The skill level, the learning curve, the interesting matches with insane crazy endings… it just doesn’t get old. It’s fun, addictive and evergreen.

Fortnite is one of those games that generates its fan base and popularity off of raw gameplay. No story, no interesting characters, just pure gameplay.

It’s difficult to play this game for the first time and set the controller down just 30mins later. This statement also holds true whether you’ve played the game for 1 hour, or 1000 hours. It’s that good. It never gets old, and it never stops being fun unless you run into the occasional human being who isn’t to friendly towards others. There’s quite a few of them who plague this game and sometimes it sucks. But hey that’s life for ya.

The best games out there (video games or not) all follow 1 common quote “Easy to learn and difficult to master”. Just about anyone and their grandmother can pick this game up and have fun with it on their own level. But wanna git gud? Then just take one look at some of the Fortnite pros, they got gud, and they all started off the same as we did, and so can you.