NBA 2k19 iOS download and play guide!

NBA 2k19 was great, until new update. That ruin it. Game crashed in a match and than you need to wait for some minutes, beacuse it’s ‘unfair’. But what can i do about it when the game crash. Nothing tough.., Really, really, really bad. It isn’s the fun anymore. And if you want new MyCareer of something, you need to pay. You can’t even earn something.

Overall, the fun is gone. The game has been ruined. And players who play this game sometimes and for fun are actually banned.

Make the new update undo, thats mine advice. Now some of you might be wondering how I got my hands on the nba 2k19 ios and apk download? Well this youtube channel shows you how to do it, and here’s the video: nba 2k19 ios

It is in EA so a lot is subject to change, and for some people it may not be worth paying, as it will be free after EA is done. There is some balancing problems, where unlike arena, it feels like their are champions you are set up to lose right from the start. Also it can sometimes be confusing when it comes to wall jumping with SPACE abilities, where sometimes it feels like you should be able to hop over something, but you can’t.

In my opinon those flaws can be overlooked and are not a super difficult fix. NBA 2k19 mobile is a really fun game, and is really cool just to play on when your on a bus or a train. Not many crashes and super realistic gameplay. Highly recommend!

GTA 5 Review – Mobile coming soon?

Just another example that the people of GTA 5 hate players, but love money. So far the PC version got nothing to show for. Events not happening, GTA online updates take three times the amount of time it took them on console. The end content of the game is reached pretty fast and so you run out of things to keep you playing and if you try to skip the time the payed employees of Rockstar needs to bring an update with 1(!) monster by using the various mods out there, made by people for fun and fame, not money, you risk a ban – not getting online later to enjoy the festivals that are not coming to the pc anytime soon. “This has been the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals, maybe ever.”

Even though I got over 300 hours of playtime in this game, I do cannot recommend it. Rockstar shows once again that physics is not their strong suit. Example: Attack hits you from direction A and blasts you off of your feet, in which direction would that be? The smart guy might say in direction B, the opposite of A, but no, Rockstar says otherwise, they think if a blast hits you from direction A – it kinda reverse its energy and blasts you in the same direction the blast effect came from. Duh!? Now what’s this news about gta 5 for mobile devices? Well, this dude on youtube has a tutorial how to play it, it’s a like pc port of the game on a mobile device…. Watch it: gta 5 apk

At least once per fight, you’ll get an attack combo against you that is obviously ment to kill the player – let it be a scream (stuns) that is followed by a hit (unevitable) that stuns, maybe even with a damage over time condition and the final blast that is ment to blow the moon out of its orbit.

My Fortnite Skin Review

The games great i’ve loved playing so far but ive come to the realisation that once again games companies are relying on gambling and RNG to keep people playing.

I could rant for days about how awfull the decoration system is and i would love to tell you that the more hours you play the more likley you are to get the higher rank gems but the simple fact is that i know people that have sunk more time then my 250 hours into the game and still havnt seen that one gem their after.

SImple fact of the matter is if you love Fortnite you’ll love this up until a point. Once you go looking for specific builds though you better pray they can be achieved using mostly the available armour and charms because getting those decorations is going to be a complete ballache for most of us. No wonder people are turning to hacks, cheats and manipulations across all the platforms to get those lucrative attack gems. Well I dont like to support cheating, but there is one that actually works, and that to get those skins in fortnite for free. If you follow this it will show you perfectly: Free Fortnite Skins 😀 How to get Galaxy Skin for FREE

I recomend this game but it has a lot of problems with the online mode and the perfomance because when i play vs Kushala Daora my fps down from 70 fps to 24fps anyway this game is amazing i just hope they fix the problems.

Gaming on iOS 12

The New iOS 12 is the gaming update for Apple, bringing vast improvements to gaming and performance on all devices. Today we take a look at some of the reviews and experience of gaming on the iOS 12. Firstly though, is it worth it to jailbreak your new ios 12? Yes and here’s how you do it….  iOS 12 Jailbreak Untethered – How to Jailbreak iOS 12 No Computer Online for FREE

By: This youtube channel

So, took me a bit over 8 hours to complete (not 100% just the main story). This is a very fun game but some emchanics are junk, a good amount of times (more than I can count on both hnads) the jumping either didn’t work are I did not make connection with where I was supposed to land eventhough I was going head on with it. There aren’t a ton of puzzles like I was hoping for, for people that care about the gameplay and not the story there should be more skipable cutscenes (it doesn’t say how to do this but I just spammed the space bar and sometimes was able to skip cutscenes. The fighting is fun but it could be more stealthy, since I was “forced” to watch the majority of the cutscenes the story is actually pretty good. If you are a die hard Tomb Raider fan then this game is worth getting right now, if not I would reccomend going back and playing previous games until this one is on sale. This is just my personal experience with the game, flaws and all I would still reccomend!

Great game, not as good as Rise but still a great game by itself. The world is beautiful and the gameplay is solid but not perfect, particuraly the rock climbing mechanic could use some polishing up. I saw some frame rate dips now and again but not to bad and only for a few seconds at a time The story is fairly good but Rise was better in my opinion. I can’t say I encountered any major bugs, maybe I just got lucky. The biggest con for me were the outfits. While they are detailed and well done most just didn’t click for me. Over all I would recommend.

GTA 6 iOS and Android Beta Review

The final chapter in Grand Theft Auto origin story, if you played the previous two entries you are sure to enjoy this one.

GTA undoubtley is the best entry in the GTA reboot, with that said a lot of the mechanics are more or less the same as they were in ROTTR, although slightly expanded upon. The game begins a few months after the events of ROTTR so if you skipped out on the previous two titles it would be a good idea to either play them or watch a few videos to get caught up.

Overall, I am loving the atmosphere and stunning visuals and set pieces

It’s kind of really linear 8 hours in so far; the big wide open explorable zones have devolved into a clearing with 2-3 paths that loop around to get you to the next clearing. The story is laughably poor and the script is terrible (which might be why the story is so bad; it feels like there’s a lot of dialog just missing entirely which results in characters magically knowing what’s going on without ever being told). The controls are slightly wonky and at launch there’s some pretty bad stuttering problems on my machine at least. At least you can use this guide to get it for free: gta 6 apk

I wanted more of the same but so far this is the lesser of the grand theft auto reboot series. I have to admit I really expected more from this.

This is really nice, not completed yet. Should try to play it on hard difficulty. Visuals are really amazing and solid 70 fps on my GTX 980Ti on 1080p. Sometimes it stutters but most of the time super fliud. The are some bugs I obervered like the shadow while in water, bit strange and camera angle when u hange down a ledge.

ESO Blades Guide

Very atmospheric fantasy world. Gameplay is good but things get too repetitive. The difficulty gets harder and needed even more time to upgrade higher level materials, too much more time than we expect. Worst part of the game is the constant meaningless ‘searching for trails/tracks’. You just walk around the same place and find the tracks over and over again. Too time consuming, boring and meaningless. Though i like the experience of the game, i would not regret not playing it if i’ve known about the “constant meaningless searching of tracks”. Would recommend to players who likes to explorations. Elder Scrolls Blades is available to all who choose to pay for it, however you can simply just get it for free here: The Elder Scrolls Blades iOS/Android APK FREE DOWNLOAD

if this game looks interesting to you and you have a beefy enough computer to run it then definetly check it out, and at worst just refund it after 2 hours if you dont like it. mh world is an amazing game especialy for new people to get into the series (liek me :D) tons of unique monsters to fight and things to do will keep you playing for ages. controler is strongly recomended. i havent been able to test out multiplayer with friends so i cannot comment on what that is like but from what i have seen this game is 10/10 and is a serious contender for my goty

Fortnite Skins for free? This guy found a working method.

Play Fortnite!

Seriously, although this really is basically a remake of Fortnite, it is an excellent remake. They have kept the baseline ‘build!, heal teammates and make money’ baseline, but have improved and tweaked it so it is more fun.

Graphics are the obvious thing, massive overhaul, all the while keeping the same style and humour. But little things, like saving each loot lake for return later, and building and moving whole rooms at once are massive quality of life improvements that makes the game all the more enjoyable. Now this guy found a way to get any free skin in fortnite… FREE FORTNITE SKINS! 🔥 How to get FREE skins in Fortnite! Skull Trooper & Galaxy WORKING! 🤑

You can micromanage if you want to, but largely that *can* be left on automatic; you will have to train the staff and this needs some attention paid to it, but beyond that you really dont have to pay much attention to all the stats and figures you are presented with….. unless you want to.

Nice touches include the radio DJs, the automatic selling of items if they are in the way and having Sonic the Hedgehog in the arcade machine.

Sadly the main let down to me is that ultimately it comes down to how much you can cram in a room (more items = more prestige….. more prestige = moar money) rather than building a nice looking tilited towers. though to be fair RL hospitals aren’t built just for aesthetics, they are built for functionality. po-tay-to / po-tar-to

I see some people moaning that this is slightly overpriced. Balderdash, this is well worth the money…… all the more so if it is way to reminisce about the childhood PC game you had.

Spider-Man – Is it Marvel’s next big game hit?

Spider-Man: World is my introduction to the Spider-Man series, and it’s been a great one. Spider-Man is a game that can be explained by its title alone: it’s a game where you hunt enemys. However, the enemys in this game are part of a real ecosystem, an organic world that monitors endemic life, other small creatures that roam the land, plant life, and other things which are all at your disposal to assist in hunting the enemy. The game has a great feedback loop of hunt enemy -> carve parts -> use carved parts to craft better gear -> hunt stronger enemys with better gear, and I’ve only just started to delve into high rank mode, where the gamer really opens up into deeper strategy, with balanced and specialized builds mattering more and more. It’s a game that I’m definitely going to put a lot more time into, and one that you should too if you’re looking for a grindy yet satisfying and fun experience.

Leaving the game a thumbs up since whiny PS4 babies can’t be expected to review their bad reviews. Well, I did get this game for free, I found a great youtube tutorial that shows you how to get it done…. I’ll link it….

The first patch we had solved all the online connectivity issues for me and my friends, and the game is still being patched.
The game is still rather resource heavy, so try having a hefty PC or running at 30 fps while tweaking some settings for performance (such as turning off volumetric fog). Still hoping for some optimization patches.

That aside, and the initial reservations I had towards the game as a long-time fan and Marvel veteran, it’s an absolutely fantastic and I’ve been enjoying it very much. The QoL changes in this game are pretty big, and newbies to the series should have no trouble jumping right in. Be aware though that it’s still a challenging action game, so it might not be for everyone, but it’s definitely worth a try. Heavily recommended!

Fortnite – Skull Trooper Guide

Look I’m gonna be straight forward with everyone. Most of these negative reviews are about issues that have already been fixed. Ignore the negatives. People are gonna complain just because they wanna complain. Fortnite is a blast. I’ve got about 218 hours in it. In the beginning there was connection issues but that is to always be expected with a game that just released. If you think a game is perfect on release day then get off your computer and go find something else to do. The graphics are great and you cash shop which you buy vbucks is awesome. You can great skins or just buy the battle pass and get your skins that way. However, this guy on youtube found a way to get the rare skull trooper skin for free, I’ll let you watch it and see for yourself: Skull trooper skin free

The combat is awesome. I have no issue navigating through any of the menus. Should you use a controller for this? Absolutely. So if you’re really a PC gamer then you should already have a controller ready to go. It’s a great version of Fortnite that came out. I’m looking forward to seeing more monsters and updates added to it. Worth buying now. If you’re waiting for a sail then wait but this game is worth its price.

Recent patches have all but solved the connectivity issues. Not the best-optimized port, but I’m willing to bet you can run this game with just the littlest configuration.

The *NEW* Working Fortnite Split Screen Guide!

Today someone relized you can actually get fortnite split screen working on the same console. I won’t ruin it for you, because you watch the video here: Fortnite Split Screen 🤩How to Split Screen Fortnite on PS4 & Xbox! [Multiplayer Split Screen!]

– There is no option to disable the incredibly annoying depth of field. I can’t remember this DOF being in the PS4 version so I am left wondering why the hell they implemented it. It is however nothing mods can’t fix.
– Motion blur, idem as the DOF
– The system requirements for this game are not a joke. My specs are: intel i7 7700, GTX 1050ti (4GB) and 8 GB RAM. These are just above the recommended requirements and I sometimes get slight stutters so if your system can’t handle it, don’t buy it!
– If you want to play with friends, you are bound to have some networking issues, they are however fixing them.

– It is so far the best Fortnite game to date and it is just a beautiful game.
– They made a massive amount of small quality of life improvements (you ca ndrink potions while running, no loading between areas, monsters also fight each other etc.) that really help to make this the most enjoyable Monster Hunter to date.
– Compared to PS4, the loading times when leaving for or from a quest are severly reduced. Instead of waiting half a minute for a quest to load and then waiting another half minute for the area to load you only wait a few seconds for both.

Overall, I think it’s an amazing game and it will be even more amazing when they fix their networking issues. Two friendly words of advice though; get a controller and if you keep dying, git gud casul.