Spider-Man – Is it Marvel’s next big game hit?

Spider-Man: World is my introduction to the Spider-Man series, and it’s been a great one. Spider-Man is a game that can be explained by its title alone: it’s a game where you hunt enemys. However, the enemys in this game are part of a real ecosystem, an organic world that monitors endemic life, other small creatures that roam the land, plant life, and other things which are all at your disposal to assist in hunting the enemy. The game has a great feedback loop of hunt enemy -> carve parts -> use carved parts to craft better gear -> hunt stronger enemys with better gear, and I’ve only just started to delve into high rank mode, where the gamer really opens up into deeper strategy, with balanced and specialized builds mattering more and more. It’s a game that I’m definitely going to put a lot more time into, and one that you should too if you’re looking for a grindy yet satisfying and fun experience.

Leaving the game a thumbs up since whiny PS4 babies can’t be expected to review their bad reviews. Well, I did get this game for free, I found a great youtube tutorial that shows you how to get it done…. I’ll link it….

The first patch we had solved all the online connectivity issues for me and my friends, and the game is still being patched.
The game is still rather resource heavy, so try having a hefty PC or running at 30 fps while tweaking some settings for performance (such as turning off volumetric fog). Still hoping for some optimization patches.

That aside, and the initial reservations I had towards the game as a long-time fan and Marvel veteran, it’s an absolutely fantastic and I’ve been enjoying it very much. The QoL changes in this game are pretty big, and newbies to the series should have no trouble jumping right in. Be aware though that it’s still a challenging action game, so it might not be for everyone, but it’s definitely worth a try. Heavily recommended!

Fortnite – Skull Trooper Guide

Look I’m gonna be straight forward with everyone. Most of these negative reviews are about issues that have already been fixed. Ignore the negatives. People are gonna complain just because they wanna complain. Fortnite is a blast. I’ve got about 218 hours in it. In the beginning there was connection issues but that is to always be expected with a game that just released. If you think a game is perfect on release day then get off your computer and go find something else to do. The graphics are great and you cash shop which you buy vbucks is awesome. You can great skins or just buy the battle pass and get your skins that way. However, this guy on youtube found a way to get the rare skull trooper skin for free, I’ll let you watch it and see for yourself: Skull trooper skin free

The combat is awesome. I have no issue navigating through any of the menus. Should you use a controller for this? Absolutely. So if you’re really a PC gamer then you should already have a controller ready to go. It’s a great version of Fortnite that came out. I’m looking forward to seeing more monsters and updates added to it. Worth buying now. If you’re waiting for a sail then wait but this game is worth its price.

Recent patches have all but solved the connectivity issues. Not the best-optimized port, but I’m willing to bet you can run this game with just the littlest configuration.

The *NEW* Working Fortnite Split Screen Guide!

Today someone relized you can actually get fortnite split screen working on the same console. I won’t ruin it for you, because you watch the video here: Fortnite Split Screen 🤩How to Split Screen Fortnite on PS4 & Xbox! [Multiplayer Split Screen!]

– There is no option to disable the incredibly annoying depth of field. I can’t remember this DOF being in the PS4 version so I am left wondering why the hell they implemented it. It is however nothing mods can’t fix.
– Motion blur, idem as the DOF
– The system requirements for this game are not a joke. My specs are: intel i7 7700, GTX 1050ti (4GB) and 8 GB RAM. These are just above the recommended requirements and I sometimes get slight stutters so if your system can’t handle it, don’t buy it!
– If you want to play with friends, you are bound to have some networking issues, they are however fixing them.

– It is so far the best Fortnite game to date and it is just a beautiful game.
– They made a massive amount of small quality of life improvements (you ca ndrink potions while running, no loading between areas, monsters also fight each other etc.) that really help to make this the most enjoyable Monster Hunter to date.
– Compared to PS4, the loading times when leaving for or from a quest are severly reduced. Instead of waiting half a minute for a quest to load and then waiting another half minute for the area to load you only wait a few seconds for both.

Overall, I think it’s an amazing game and it will be even more amazing when they fix their networking issues. Two friendly words of advice though; get a controller and if you keep dying, git gud casul.

How you can the new fortnite galaxy skin for free!

Fortnite is good. I should´ve had waited more time to write this, but I want the game to have a deserved grade here in steam.

It is similar to Stardew Valley, with gorgeous graphics and nice gameplay, but it is also diferent in some areas.
Crafting and tech trees are more explored here. Imagine a game where you have tiers of crafting where you go from simple things to more complex, using items you did before.
Time and energy management are more important here, and its more punishing than Stardew Valley.
There are tons of gameplay mechanics, mostly dealing with crafting and building systems. I havent really explored most of them, like fighting or fishing, but Ive played for 4 hours and barely scratched them. Especially if you LOVE the fortnite skins – yes they are amazing…. i really like the new galaxy skin, but it costs $1,000 USD?!? But, someone on youtube made a video to get it for free: galaxy free

The game is not hard, but it is more dificult than Stardew Valley, even if there is no absolute way to die or lose. The game just throws more chalenges at you, making it more chalenging, and giving you more problems/puzzles to figure it out.

Vilager interactions and stories seem to be way more shallow than Stardew Valley.
Overall, the game is quite enjoyable and pretty. The systems seem interesting enough and the crafting is pretty great.

Loving the game so far!! There’s a lot of stuff to do, skills to learn and stats to improve. And this time, stats don’t decrease over time, like in Punch Club. I like the darker tone compared to other similar games. The pixel-art graphics is absolutely beautiful!

My only gripe so far is the lack of ambience sounds (there’s no sound even when it’s raining) and the convoluted NPC screen (you can’t sort or filter’em.)

If you like games like the Rune Factory series or Stardew Valley you’ll love this one. If you don’t like grinding and lack patience, stay away (or watch some let’s play and judge yourself.)

My Fortnite PVE Review

Both combat and platforming handle fantastically well. There’s just enough ledge grabbing and facing adjustment to make it smooth at very high speeds without it feeling at all like it’s playing for you. You can cancel out of almost anything into a dodge roll, even in mid-air, and this is balanced by the fact that you will often need to. As a result, this is one of the only games I have ever enjoyed a time trial/speedrun feature in, but it also supports methodically clearing everything an inch at a time. The final boss is a bit too large of a difficulty spike imo, but at least you’re still unlocking things as you fail to beat him. If you enjoyed Spelunky, Rogue Legacy, or even just non-roguelike action platformers, I unequivocally recommend this game. Here’s how you can also get the pve missions for free: How To Get Fortnite SAVE THE WORLD Code For FREE

I played just a little bit above 3 hours as of this review, but i can tell by now this game is amazing, the attention to detail on the levels, the variety of main/secondary weapons as well as variety in enemies.

Its the type of game where you feel like a badass and one moment you’re wrecking and the second after you could bump into a trap/multiple enemies and die in an instant.

Do you remember that feeling you would get when you had a good run in Binding of Isaac and you could sprint through floors like it was nobody’s business?

It’s that feeling but the entire time you pay this game.


Fortnite on a Chromebook? Yes here’s the guide.

One of the main reason I got Fortnite was to explore planets and build with my friend. Unfortunately this is not the case. While yes I can see my friend and we can walk around, we can not interact with anything that we build, this is very disappointing. If you want to play solo this is great but gets boring after awhile. The biggest draw to this game, for myself, was being able to play with my friend. I really feel that the developers fell short on delivering a truly fun co-op muilitiplayer game. At this time I will be giving a thumbs down and would not recommand this game unless solo play is your thing. If they fix the co-op muilitiplayer I will give a better review but for now this game falls very short on a fun co-op muilitiplayer game. In short SOOOO glad I didnt pay full price because you can’t play it on a chromebook… however I found a clip that show you how to: fortnite chromebook

As get into contact with the various aliens in the game you also have the opportunity to learn about them, and even their language! It’s an awesome mechanic that really grabbed me.
The multi-player is very easy to jump into, and if you join a friend’s game you can load your save and go in with all your progress and stuff. This means you can progress on your own or with other people, it’s your decision.
I personally love the feeling of exploration, discovery, loneliness, mystery, and progress the game offers. Either alone or with friends, this game is definitely worth checking out! It’s currently on sale for 50% off, so what are you waiting for?

My Fortnite Free Skin Guide

This game is scraping in a positive review from me. Right now it’s not really playable but I think it is on the cusp of greatness. If there was a ‘Maybe’ option I’d be squarely in that camp.

Fortnite, Now it could be that I just haven’t figured out the meta yet but the grind in this game is too much. When you’re 20% through the tech tree and you need to put teams together to farm resources it’s a bridge to far in my opinion. You get to T2 gear and then you need to start going into the swamp and even with potions that apparently ward of creatures it’s nigh on impossible. That being said there maybe tames that end up being way better at harvesting. We’ll have to wait and see. So let’s see how good you are at reading titles??? LOL! But back to being serious here is how you can some free skins on fortnite battle royale, just watch this youtube clip:  How To Get FREE SKINS In Fortnite: Battle Royale! [PS4, Xbox One, PC, IOS, ANDROID][2018!]

The main issue I have with the game is how you level up technology. You get these things called sparks from doing things, whether it be crafting or gathering and you put these into these stones that unlock technology. you need 5 sparks for every 1% of a technology. There are 4 tech trees and on each tier there are 5-6 techs. So you can see that is a lot of sparks. What’s worse is that each technology tree has it’s own type of spark. Mysticism is probably the most important one to start with and the only way to get it is to gather grass (or fruit) and to make potions. However, making potions gives you an upfront amount of 4-10 sparks for the first one of each type and that’s it. That means that every player needs to harvest grass if you want to level your mysticism quickly.

On the other hand Fortnite, seems to want players to specialize. The more grass you harvest the better you get at it. The same goes for skinning, mining. logging, etc. You just can’t unlock everything and in my book that’s probably a good thing, but the game then punishes players for doing it by slowing the tech progression. This also causes confusion as eveyone trys to level all their crafting skills at once which wastes a tonne of mats that could be better used by specialists. Then of course there’s the issue of your specialist changing servers or just not jumping on for a few days………

Lastly the classes seem a bit borked. The assassin is clearly the best PVP class by a long shot and it can really be utilized by the sort of players who simply want to log in and troll the other faction. This would be fine if there was some sort of counter, but currently there doesn’t appear to be. The Warlord on the other hand is largely useless…. because of the assassin.

Trolling is still pretty easy in this game. The devs delayed this game by almost a year to deal with ‘insiding’ but it still seems very easy. A few strategically placed walls can stop players putting down structures for days and spys with family share accounts can come and inspect your base and quietly make off with the rarest loot without anyone really noticing. Again this may have been fixed by permissions that I’m not aware of but it’s probably something you can really mitigate in the first 2-3 days after a reset and those days are the most critical.

While the majority of this review is negative I genereally like the game. The graphics are beautiful and the focus on teamwork is a real plus. Th main base shield is great too as it stops those annoying 3am no-lifer raids, forcing raiding to be at time when people are going to be online. The outpost system is great too. It encourages PvP at other times and gives you objectives each day which stops the game being a 24 hour grindfest.

I wouldn’t recommend jumping into this game right now but I think in 6-12 months it will definitely be worth a look. If you want to give it a go I’d try un-official at x3 or so rates. That takes the edge off the grind while still not making resources a non-issue.

Fortnite on the Xbox 360 Guide!

This is a fantastic game. Each npc encounter is easily half an hour of fun, imagine fighting a boss. It’s incredible how the combination of heights, elements and resistances work. A simple scroll may be the key element to go further in your adventure. Fortnite xbox 360 is definitely the best turn-based RPG I’ve played so far.

On the downside I’d say it’s too easy to steal, so you can get a pretty decent amount of money and a superb gear without much of an effort. I also wish the texts and books were more involved in the game mechanics, many of them are pretty useless besides dwelling in the lore of the game.

My Take on Fortnite on the Xbox 360:
Very good game, recommended it to all my friends. Anyone who reads this review needs to go ahead and purchase this game. Many major reviewing teams have rated this game as or possibly as the greatest rpg of all time. Why not purchase this if you are down to play some D&D with your pals online with your own custom campaign, or play the usual campaign and have fun adventuring an open vast world, with quests and great battles to conquer. Also, here is how you can play it on your xbox 360: fortnite xbox 360 download

My Adventure:
I am an undead inquisitor. I am a skeleton, that can suck up blood to restore health or get boosts, summon blobs from blood, and I heal from everything I attack. Not to mention… inquisitor is a hybrid warfare/necro, so I am strong af and can slaughter everything. I have had intercourse with a lizard, because some shady old man told me ways of pleasure. I have defeated giants and dragons and have many stories to tell. What would you make of your story?

Make your own story, play with your friends, BUY THIS GAME!

not to mention this game has incredible modding support, so when you beat this 60/90 hour long campaign, have fun becoming insane with new abilities or new classes, or even NEW maps.


The Rarest Skin in Fortnite! Royale Bomer

As a person who has never played Fortnite games before this game is hell of a lot of fun! So far I’ve completed chapter 1 and I must say that combat and visuals in this game are stunning. If you want to find a game that would allow you to relax and release your steam after hard working day, this game is for you.
Areas look great as well and even with not much to do there at first, you don’t feel lonely. City is buzzing with crowds and citizens.
Best thing about this game is karaoke. Today I learned that I am terrible and singing and I will never become Japanese idol in some j-pop band.
At first combat seems primitive, but once you get into it, you realize that it’s more complicated than in Sleeping Dogs f.e. and I like it. You can feel yourself as undefeated beast while kicking everyone’s but!
Story is pretty interesting, you get into it really quick and want to know more to the extent where you might spend whole day and night playing the game just because of story. Now onto the skins, my favorite part of fortnite, I recently just got my own free royale bomber skin using this tutorial on youtube: royale bomber

This game has lots of cutscenes but also has tons of combat. The combat is fun and entertaining, especially when you’re doing a boss battle. There are also minigames that aren’r really necessary but cool that have.

The only cons for this game are due to technical issues which cause a lot of crashes and require immediate fixes:
– Editing any config files crashes the game
– For some reason connecting xbox 360 controller crashes the game
– People reported stuttering, freezes and audio problems for the game so there we have it
As for me, when I launched the game for the first times, after few seconds in main menu it crashed on its own.
Setting game to run with administrator rights and windows 7 compatibility mode fixed this issue.

Fortnite with Working Crossplay for Xbox, PS, PC, Switch and iOS? Yes, found it!

I would like to start this off by saing I am mainly a multiplayer FPS kind of gamer.

I have never really been able to play a RPG let alone a hardcore one. I heard so many good things about the game and now find myself over 10 hours into the game. That is just the opening area alone and so much to discover. I used a game created character and decided and to give Fortnite a go. However, like many players I can’t play with my friends on the other consoles due to Sony restricting it…. although I found this working method here: Fortnite Cross Play Xbox & PS4 WORKING! – How to Cross Play Fortnite Guide for ALL Devices!

This is the first time I felt like I am the character however. I like that you can get 3 allies right away. So many options and all voice acted because I do not like the read. I know I am just starting but I cannot wait to play the game and ascend to the devine. Then I need to make a new character and do it again.

If you are patient and willing to get your ass handed to you a few fights but enjoy the reward of winning the next time around this game is for you. Beware, your choices matter and quests depend on it.

I plan to update once I get some more victories under my belt.

Looting is genuinely fun, each individual item has a unique look on your character, the voices on every character both playable and npc seem very distinct. If you loved old school Baldur’s Gate and DnD then this game will not disappoint you. There are 4 difficulties, and the second one is pretty intense, so I cannot imagine what the third and fourth must be like. Every conversation you have feels important and you actually must think your responses through before just mindlessly clicking through it because every single decison MATTERS. This game makes witcher 3 look all the more overrated as an RPG. For every dilemma you encounter in Divinity, there is at least 3 ways to get around it, whether it be sneaking, finding a secret passage or lever, talking your way out of sticky spots, or just killing everyone in sight until you get to where you need to be. The abilities are very balanced for the most part, although archers and summoners can be quite dominant if spec’d properly.