Netflix – is it worth the subscription price?

Hello everyone!


So after many months of not buying netflix, i have given in.

I wanted to try it atleast and give it a good go, to see if I can get my moneys worth in watching some classic movies that I havnt seen in a while!

The library has quite a big selection, however on the Australian version of netflix…. there is barely any shows compared to the USA version 🙁

The netflix originals are also really good for those who are into some really cool shows, and to be honest…. the production quality is superb!

So would I buy another month of Netflix premium? Well, I found this guide on youtube that literally just explains how to get free access to Netflix, check it out: How To Get Netflix For Free

So yeah, it’s only a short video and very easy to follow along! Netflix is a great platform to watch movies so if you can get it for free, why not?

I really hope this method doesn’t get patched, as it is awesome!

Anyways, I thought I would let you guys know about my little free netflix trick!