NBA 2k19 iOS download and play guide!

NBA 2k19 was great, until new update. That ruin it. Game crashed in a match and than you need to wait for some minutes, beacuse it’s ‘unfair’. But what can i do about it when the game crash. Nothing tough.., Really, really, really bad. It isn’s the fun anymore. And if you want new MyCareer of something, you need to pay. You can’t even earn something.

Overall, the fun is gone. The game has been ruined. And players who play this game sometimes and for fun are actually banned.

Make the new update undo, thats mine advice. Now some of you might be wondering how I got my hands on the nba 2k19 ios and apk download? Well this youtube channel shows you how to do it, and here’s the video: nba 2k19 ios

It is in EA so a lot is subject to change, and for some people it may not be worth paying, as it will be free after EA is done. There is some balancing problems, where unlike arena, it feels like their are champions you are set up to lose right from the start. Also it can sometimes be confusing when it comes to wall jumping with SPACE abilities, where sometimes it feels like you should be able to hop over something, but you can’t.

In my opinon those flaws can be overlooked and are not a super difficult fix. NBA 2k19 mobile is a really fun game, and is really cool just to play on when your on a bus or a train. Not many crashes and super realistic gameplay. Highly recommend!