My Fortnite Skin Review

The games great i’ve loved playing so far but ive come to the realisation that once again games companies are relying on gambling and RNG to keep people playing.

I could rant for days about how awfull the decoration system is and i would love to tell you that the more hours you play the more likley you are to get the higher rank gems but the simple fact is that i know people that have sunk more time then my 250 hours into the game and still havnt seen that one gem their after.

SImple fact of the matter is if you love Fortnite you’ll love this up until a point. Once you go looking for specific builds though you better pray they can be achieved using mostly the available armour and charms because getting those decorations is going to be a complete ballache for most of us. No wonder people are turning to hacks, cheats and manipulations across all the platforms to get those lucrative attack gems. Well I dont like to support cheating, but there is one that actually works, and that to get those skins in fortnite for free. If you follow this it will show you perfectly: Free Fortnite Skins 😀 How to get Galaxy Skin for FREE

I recomend this game but it has a lot of problems with the online mode and the perfomance because when i play vs Kushala Daora my fps down from 70 fps to 24fps anyway this game is amazing i just hope they fix the problems.