My Fortnite PVE Review

Both combat and platforming handle fantastically well. There’s just enough ledge grabbing and facing adjustment to make it smooth at very high speeds without it feeling at all like it’s playing for you. You can cancel out of almost anything into a dodge roll, even in mid-air, and this is balanced by the fact that you will often need to. As a result, this is one of the only games I have ever enjoyed a time trial/speedrun feature in, but it also supports methodically clearing everything an inch at a time. The final boss is a bit too large of a difficulty spike imo, but at least you’re still unlocking things as you fail to beat him. If you enjoyed Spelunky, Rogue Legacy, or even just non-roguelike action platformers, I unequivocally recommend this game. Here’s how you can also get the pve missions for free: How To Get Fortnite SAVE THE WORLD Code For FREE

I played just a little bit above 3 hours as of this review, but i can tell by now this game is amazing, the attention to detail on the levels, the variety of main/secondary weapons as well as variety in enemies.

Its the type of game where you feel like a badass and one moment you’re wrecking and the second after you could bump into a trap/multiple enemies and die in an instant.

Do you remember that feeling you would get when you had a good run in Binding of Isaac and you could sprint through floors like it was nobody’s business?

It’s that feeling but the entire time you pay this game.