My Disney Heroes Battle Mode Experience!

This game is great. Had a lot of fun fighting and grabbing all the wood I could find. My only complaint is that this game ruined the friendship of my gaming group that has been formed since our days in Azeroth. This game has turned my companions into very toxic players that usually you would only see in the League of Legends Rift. Was good game but now I have no friends to play with.

Disney Heroes Battle Mode on iOS and Android is pretty fun game as is but still feels empty once you get to the “end game”. Would only recommend when more characters get added. The world/environment is great and relaxing, until you decide to jump in the water.

-Environment, its nice and relaxing. Almost like Fishing: Barents Sea except your on a raft in the tropical ocean.
-ease of building
-Grind isn’t bad, and actually feels somewhat rewarding.
-Abundance of resources in the early game.
-The chores are not overwhelming and easy to keep task of.

-Not much direction in the early game (you kind of have to figure out what does what as you go along)
-Sharks respawn way too quickly, you only have about a few minutes in between sharks.
-Not much replay value, but its still early access, so the devs can totally change this in the future.
-World feels empty when playing singleplayer. Just you, a shark, and some seagulls. Maybe you get lucky and see an island or abandoned raft in your travels.
-No real “end game”. You finish your chores and sail to safety.

Also a con…. you have to buy diamonds to get further in-game 🙁 Although you can use cheat websites to generate them to your account for free: disney heroes battle mode cheats

TL;DR: Good game thats super fun for the first few hours, wait until the devs add more content!