Minecraft in 2018? Plus how to download and play for free!

Minecraft is an awesome and fun game but it has too many toxic players. The loot crate system is bad as you can’t do anything with 90% of them except look at what they contain seeing as descriptors are rare. In 50% of the ranked games someone leaves after 1 min and with no real repurcussion for them, but Oh you had to play 2vs3 and ranked and lost? Too bad you demote. Oh you actually won 2vs3, no promotion for you. So until this game actually improves the ranking system, its fustrating as hell and it infuriates me to get stuck on a bad rank when searching solo, because a teammate leaves or is toxic and throws the game.

Solution: Increase the penalty for abandoning and for toxic behaviour and don’t penalise the team if 1 player leaves in ranked. Minecraft as a whole is an awesome game, and the developers definitely put in lots of work to make the game enjoyable and fun for all ages. It is a buy to play game, however after searching on youtube for a little bit, I found a way to get the game for free: How to download minecraft for free

There’s cheaters in almost every game and you have no choice but to waste 40 minutes playing through the game or getting a competitive cooldown. I just got into a game where most the players were cheating and throwing until it was just me and the two cheaters left and then they kicked me and now I have 7 days competitive cooldown for something that was completely out of my control. This game can be very fun at times if you get lucky and all 10 players have good sportsmanship and aren’t cheating but that’s very rare to find.