Lego the Incredibles for FREE KEY CODE? Yes and you can watch the incredibles 2 for free TOO!

Incredible. In all seriousness though only played an hour and there appears to be a LOT of content. There is over a hundred characters to unlock, with some being pretty suprising and funny. This game’s combat isn’t really difficult and at times it is mainly a puzzle game. A puzzle game where you work with different powers of the Supers to get through levels. However, each character so far has their trademark abilities and it is fun to mess around beating people up with different combos. Now how can you your key code? Easy. Watch this video:

By a lot of content I mean that the game is entirely open world (from what I have seen except the beginning portion). There are crimes that happen throughout the world that you can stop if you want almost like an Arkham game. There is a lot of missions and stuff to do and see and of course collect in the world. You can even make your own superhero with Edna which is pretty sweet. I made a chef that has animal abilities like flying and swimming underwater. I think a lot of the enjoyment would rely on how much you like the Incredibles. I am obsessed with the franchise and loved the Gamecube game. So this is a great experience to play as your favorites. I strongly recommend you to watch incredibles 2 online first so you dont ruin the game for yourself….

It’s common for the average gamer to see a game and automatically dismiss it because it’s based off the film/filmsbut LEGO games have always proved that their movie based games are great and possess lots of unlockables and repayability. If you are familiar with LEGO games, you know that every game has some features which drastically set it apart from one another. Tt games is always trying to raise the bar, LEGO The Incredibles is no excpetion.

What’s different? What separates this game from past LEGO games?
-Crime Waves Are Back
-An Open World WITH Day/Night Cycle
-LEGO pieces have proper weight and gravity to them
-Water physics
-U.I feature added: Stud Meter
-Progress report graph after every level
-Reflective mapping
-Build energy to perform super-move
-Character Customizer by Edna Mode