Is fortnite all it’s cracked up to be?

I mean don’t get me wrong. It’s a decent game. The physics feel good, the aesthetic is wonderful and the fact that you get rewarded for every game is fantastic! However, If you were to queue for game modes like Building and LTM, and 2v2 soccar you’d be getting more 2v2 than anything else. I often find myself playing up to 10 games with no variation. My other problem is always entering a game as backfill.  I find it highly discouraging but it’s whatever. Worth playing but be warned, you may find yourself getting angry and feeling unsatisfied with the quality of your matches, sometimes you’ll get the best guns, and sometimes your left with a grey three round burst. Fortnite is a great game overall and has a huge playerbase, if you are interested in getting free skins I found a working method here: how to get free skins in fortnite

It works just like any glitch, just follow the steps for your free fortnite skins. I’m pretty sure it works on all devices too!

Fortnite is my go to game when im finished with or dont feel like playing any other games. I will never be bored of this game and with how much i hate buying one game repeatedly for different consoles, having bought this on ps4, my pc and my Nintendo switch says a lot about how much i love this game.