iOS 12 – The Review

Well guys, its that time again when Apple release all of their new phones and updates. With 12.1 just being released, whats stopping you from updating? Slowing down of phones is definitely a thing, however…. It has some amazing quality of life features as well as awesome games that you can play on the train or bus!

Here’s some of my favorite games to play on the iOS 12:

Tom Clancy’s rainbow Six Siege is epic, Because the graphics, gameplay, And many more great more reasons
I definitely recomend this game if you like Tactical, FPS, Shooter games as a start And if you dont know this has a Ranked gamemode, Overall R6 Siege is epic, And again i recommend this game very much for people who like Tactical, FPS, Shooter genres.

Also on the New iOS 12.1:

CS GO is actually a great game, so much fun.. When you can get to play a fair game

Unfortunately, too many cheaters. Wallhack, aimbot.. You will find these people alot
It’s kinda ruin my mood to play it again..
Are these people ever get a ban? I have no idea..
Seeing cheaters are so rampant here, I guess it’s not..

Buy only if you’ve prepared to meet these cheaters..
If not, don’t bother..

Now how can you play these games for free? Easy, jailbreak your device. I found a working tutorial on youtube here: How to Jailbreak iOS 12