How you can the new fortnite galaxy skin for free!

Fortnite is good. I should´ve had waited more time to write this, but I want the game to have a deserved grade here in steam.

It is similar to Stardew Valley, with gorgeous graphics and nice gameplay, but it is also diferent in some areas.
Crafting and tech trees are more explored here. Imagine a game where you have tiers of crafting where you go from simple things to more complex, using items you did before.
Time and energy management are more important here, and its more punishing than Stardew Valley.
There are tons of gameplay mechanics, mostly dealing with crafting and building systems. I havent really explored most of them, like fighting or fishing, but Ive played for 4 hours and barely scratched them. Especially if you LOVE the fortnite skins – yes they are amazing…. i really like the new galaxy skin, but it costs $1,000 USD?!? But, someone on youtube made a video to get it for free: galaxy free

The game is not hard, but it is more dificult than Stardew Valley, even if there is no absolute way to die or lose. The game just throws more chalenges at you, making it more chalenging, and giving you more problems/puzzles to figure it out.

Vilager interactions and stories seem to be way more shallow than Stardew Valley.
Overall, the game is quite enjoyable and pretty. The systems seem interesting enough and the crafting is pretty great.

Loving the game so far!! There’s a lot of stuff to do, skills to learn and stats to improve. And this time, stats don’t decrease over time, like in Punch Club. I like the darker tone compared to other similar games. The pixel-art graphics is absolutely beautiful!

My only gripe so far is the lack of ambience sounds (there’s no sound even when it’s raining) and the convoluted NPC screen (you can’t sort or filter’em.)

If you like games like the Rune Factory series or Stardew Valley you’ll love this one. If you don’t like grinding and lack patience, stay away (or watch some let’s play and judge yourself.)