How to get Mario Tennis Aces for free! Nintendo eShop Free KEY! + REVIEW!

Hey Guys! I just found this video on youtube, it shows you how to get mario tennis aces for free on the nintendo store. Mario Tennis Aces just released today and I have been playing it for a while, and its super fun!

Here is my Mario Tennis Aces REVIEW:

While I am glad this was not a full priced game, at it’s current state of common animation bugs, harsh and jittery ragdolling on civillians (whose corpses poof away immediately out of screenshot), complete lack of fast travel, and an attempt of putting on moral airs, I would not purchase at the full price. Would totally recommend this as a Blockbuster rental or as a $20-30 purchase. 5/10 I guess, made me wish I was playing other mario games for the first time

When I first started this game I got a very poor impression. They say that the first impression is what matters the most, and in that case this game failed miserably. When I say the first time I mean the first time after I had to deal with some graphics error which made the screen flash in green.

The menu looked strangely low quality, like it was some indie game; and I imagine this studio to be beyond indie at this point. But, I ignored this and imagined that more effort had been put into the game itself. I started the game and some images started showing with a text beneath them. This even more furthered my bad first impression, was there not even a voiceover, in a game that was sold for 49.99€? I watched in disappointment as the images passed and seriously considered making my first nintendo return ever.
But this must have been some weird intro to the intro, because then another intro with a voiceover started, and I was very confused. Then the game started and went on.