GTA 6 iOS and Android Beta Review

The final chapter in Grand Theft Auto origin story, if you played the previous two entries you are sure to enjoy this one.

GTA undoubtley is the best entry in the GTA reboot, with that said a lot of the mechanics are more or less the same as they were in ROTTR, although slightly expanded upon. The game begins a few months after the events of ROTTR so if you skipped out on the previous two titles it would be a good idea to either play them or watch a few videos to get caught up.

Overall, I am loving the atmosphere and stunning visuals and set pieces

It’s kind of really linear 8 hours in so far; the big wide open explorable zones have devolved into a clearing with 2-3 paths that loop around to get you to the next clearing. The story is laughably poor and the script is terrible (which might be why the story is so bad; it feels like there’s a lot of dialog just missing entirely which results in characters magically knowing what’s going on without ever being told). The controls are slightly wonky and at launch there’s some pretty bad stuttering problems on my machine at least. At least you can use this guide to get it for free: gta 6 apk

I wanted more of the same but so far this is the lesser of the grand theft auto reboot series. I have to admit I really expected more from this.

This is really nice, not completed yet. Should try to play it on hard difficulty. Visuals are really amazing and solid 70 fps on my GTX 980Ti on 1080p. Sometimes it stutters but most of the time super fliud. The are some bugs I obervered like the shadow while in water, bit strange and camera angle when u hange down a ledge.