GTA 5 Review – Mobile coming soon?

Just another example that the people of GTA 5 hate players, but love money. So far the PC version got nothing to show for. Events not happening, GTA online updates take three times the amount of time it took them on console. The end content of the game is reached pretty fast and so you run out of things to keep you playing and if you try to skip the time the payed employees of Rockstar needs to bring an update with 1(!) monster by using the various mods out there, made by people for fun and fame, not money, you risk a ban – not getting online later to enjoy the festivals that are not coming to the pc anytime soon. “This has been the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals, maybe ever.”

Even though I got over 300 hours of playtime in this game, I do cannot recommend it. Rockstar shows once again that physics is not their strong suit. Example: Attack hits you from direction A and blasts you off of your feet, in which direction would that be? The smart guy might say in direction B, the opposite of A, but no, Rockstar says otherwise, they think if a blast hits you from direction A – it kinda reverse its energy and blasts you in the same direction the blast effect came from. Duh!? Now what’s this news about gta 5 for mobile devices? Well, this dude on youtube has a tutorial how to play it, it’s a like pc port of the game on a mobile device…. Watch it: gta 5 apk

At least once per fight, you’ll get an attack combo against you that is obviously ment to kill the player – let it be a scream (stuns) that is followed by a hit (unevitable) that stuns, maybe even with a damage over time condition and the final blast that is ment to blow the moon out of its orbit.