Gaming on iOS 12

The New iOS 12 is the gaming update for Apple, bringing vast improvements to gaming and performance on all devices. Today we take a look at some of the reviews and experience of gaming on the iOS 12. Firstly though, is it worth it to jailbreak your new ios 12? Yes and here’s how you do it….  iOS 12 Jailbreak Untethered – How to Jailbreak iOS 12 No Computer Online for FREE

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So, took me a bit over 8 hours to complete (not 100% just the main story). This is a very fun game but some emchanics are junk, a good amount of times (more than I can count on both hnads) the jumping either didn’t work are I did not make connection with where I was supposed to land eventhough I was going head on with it. There aren’t a ton of puzzles like I was hoping for, for people that care about the gameplay and not the story there should be more skipable cutscenes (it doesn’t say how to do this but I just spammed the space bar and sometimes was able to skip cutscenes. The fighting is fun but it could be more stealthy, since I was “forced” to watch the majority of the cutscenes the story is actually pretty good. If you are a die hard Tomb Raider fan then this game is worth getting right now, if not I would reccomend going back and playing previous games until this one is on sale. This is just my personal experience with the game, flaws and all I would still reccomend!

Great game, not as good as Rise but still a great game by itself. The world is beautiful and the gameplay is solid but not perfect, particuraly the rock climbing mechanic could use some polishing up. I saw some frame rate dips now and again but not to bad and only for a few seconds at a time The story is fairly good but Rise was better in my opinion. I can’t say I encountered any major bugs, maybe I just got lucky. The biggest con for me were the outfits. While they are detailed and well done most just didn’t click for me. Over all I would recommend.