Free season 5 battle pass on fortnite? Yes!

Playing Fortnite is an experience no one can tell you. But you have to play yourself. Its a place where anything is possible and no one truly knows what that really means. You just have to play it! Youi can spend all day grinding missions or fighting other players in online mode or you can go adventuring with your friends and visit the worlds landmarks as there are so many and just chill and have a good time. Its an open world shooter which means online deathmatch so you have to be prepapred for a battle because it finds you whereever you are. And to say it is not fun is to say there is no point to this game, but its far from the truth. Be prepared for the season passes too, you can pick your own here: free season 5 battle pass

When you have had fun enjoying the game you get to level your character to speciallly unlock new gear and stuff for your ride and general in game abilities. This is definitely the best part of the game as it consumes all your time and effort to no end and you will find progress never stops making it more fun the longher you play. Making this type of open world driving shooter the best damn game ever made!

Out of Five stars I have to GIVE FIve because it is still the best game out there the player base after this mount of time continues to outgrow anything else and they are updating new content regularly still and the new stuff is always better than the last. Dont get me wrong as I sound like a fanboy trying to win over the devs. But i believe that I never had a better exp than playing online in Fortnite Battle Royale BAR None. To me is the base of what will be the empire of new and exciting things to come in the future. It was to me the thing I had missing from my life all this time. And at first I WAS scared to try it. But im glad I did. I didnt make new friends, I didnt find what I really wanted out of life. I couldnt make this the main thing i do forever in my life, BUT I wouldnt have to pass this up EVEN IF I WANTED TO. I am drawn to its addiction. And it truly is a marvel of human engineering comparing to nothing short of astounding perfection. On that note I close this review and hope it reaches someone else belief that they too had the best time playing battle royales!