Fortnite with Working Crossplay for Xbox, PS, PC, Switch and iOS? Yes, found it!

I would like to start this off by saing I am mainly a multiplayer FPS kind of gamer.

I have never really been able to play a RPG let alone a hardcore one. I heard so many good things about the game and now find myself over 10 hours into the game. That is just the opening area alone and so much to discover. I used a game created character and decided and to give Fortnite a go. However, like many players I can’t play with my friends on the other consoles due to Sony restricting it…. although I found this working method here: Fortnite Cross Play Xbox & PS4 WORKING! – How to Cross Play Fortnite Guide for ALL Devices!

This is the first time I felt like I am the character however. I like that you can get 3 allies right away. So many options and all voice acted because I do not like the read. I know I am just starting but I cannot wait to play the game and ascend to the devine. Then I need to make a new character and do it again.

If you are patient and willing to get your ass handed to you a few fights but enjoy the reward of winning the next time around this game is for you. Beware, your choices matter and quests depend on it.

I plan to update once I get some more victories under my belt.

Looting is genuinely fun, each individual item has a unique look on your character, the voices on every character both playable and npc seem very distinct. If you loved old school Baldur’s Gate and DnD then this game will not disappoint you. There are 4 difficulties, and the second one is pretty intense, so I cannot imagine what the third and fourth must be like. Every conversation you have feels important and you actually must think your responses through before just mindlessly clicking through it because every single decison MATTERS. This game makes witcher 3 look all the more overrated as an RPG. For every dilemma you encounter in Divinity, there is at least 3 ways to get around it, whether it be sneaking, finding a secret passage or lever, talking your way out of sticky spots, or just killing everyone in sight until you get to where you need to be. The abilities are very balanced for the most part, although archers and summoners can be quite dominant if spec’d properly.