Fortnite – Skull Trooper Guide

Look I’m gonna be straight forward with everyone. Most of these negative reviews are about issues that have already been fixed. Ignore the negatives. People are gonna complain just because they wanna complain. Fortnite is a blast. I’ve got about 218 hours in it. In the beginning there was connection issues but that is to always be expected with a game that just released. If you think a game is perfect on release day then get off your computer and go find something else to do. The graphics are great and you cash shop which you buy vbucks is awesome. You can great skins or just buy the battle pass and get your skins that way. However, this guy on youtube found a way to get the rare skull trooper skin for free, I’ll let you watch it and see for yourself: Skull trooper skin free

The combat is awesome. I have no issue navigating through any of the menus. Should you use a controller for this? Absolutely. So if you’re really a PC gamer then you should already have a controller ready to go. It’s a great version of Fortnite that came out. I’m looking forward to seeing more monsters and updates added to it. Worth buying now. If you’re waiting for a sail then wait but this game is worth its price.

Recent patches have all but solved the connectivity issues. Not the best-optimized port, but I’m willing to bet you can run this game with just the littlest configuration.