Fortnite Skins for free? This guy found a working method.

Play Fortnite!

Seriously, although this really is basically a remake of Fortnite, it is an excellent remake. They have kept the baseline ‘build!, heal teammates and make money’ baseline, but have improved and tweaked it so it is more fun.

Graphics are the obvious thing, massive overhaul, all the while keeping the same style and humour. But little things, like saving each loot lake for return later, and building and moving whole rooms at once are massive quality of life improvements that makes the game all the more enjoyable. Now this guy found a way to get any free skin in fortnite… FREE FORTNITE SKINS! 🔥 How to get FREE skins in Fortnite! Skull Trooper & Galaxy WORKING! 🤑

You can micromanage if you want to, but largely that *can* be left on automatic; you will have to train the staff and this needs some attention paid to it, but beyond that you really dont have to pay much attention to all the stats and figures you are presented with….. unless you want to.

Nice touches include the radio DJs, the automatic selling of items if they are in the way and having Sonic the Hedgehog in the arcade machine.

Sadly the main let down to me is that ultimately it comes down to how much you can cram in a room (more items = more prestige….. more prestige = moar money) rather than building a nice looking tilited towers. though to be fair RL hospitals aren’t built just for aesthetics, they are built for functionality. po-tay-to / po-tar-to

I see some people moaning that this is slightly overpriced. Balderdash, this is well worth the money…… all the more so if it is way to reminisce about the childhood PC game you had.