Fortnite on the Xbox 360 Guide!

This is a fantastic game. Each npc encounter is easily half an hour of fun, imagine fighting a boss. It’s incredible how the combination of heights, elements and resistances work. A simple scroll may be the key element to go further in your adventure. Fortnite xbox 360 is definitely the best turn-based RPG I’ve played so far.

On the downside I’d say it’s too easy to steal, so you can get a pretty decent amount of money and a superb gear without much of an effort. I also wish the texts and books were more involved in the game mechanics, many of them are pretty useless besides dwelling in the lore of the game.

My Take on Fortnite on the Xbox 360:
Very good game, recommended it to all my friends. Anyone who reads this review needs to go ahead and purchase this game. Many major reviewing teams have rated this game as or possibly as the greatest rpg of all time. Why not purchase this if you are down to play some D&D with your pals online with your own custom campaign, or play the usual campaign and have fun adventuring an open vast world, with quests and great battles to conquer. Also, here is how you can play it on your xbox 360: fortnite xbox 360 download

My Adventure:
I am an undead inquisitor. I am a skeleton, that can suck up blood to restore health or get boosts, summon blobs from blood, and I heal from everything I attack. Not to mention… inquisitor is a hybrid warfare/necro, so I am strong af and can slaughter everything. I have had intercourse with a lizard, because some shady old man told me ways of pleasure. I have defeated giants and dragons and have many stories to tell. What would you make of your story?

Make your own story, play with your friends, BUY THIS GAME!

not to mention this game has incredible modding support, so when you beat this 60/90 hour long campaign, have fun becoming insane with new abilities or new classes, or even NEW maps.