Fortnite on a Chromebook? Yes here’s the guide.

One of the main reason I got Fortnite was to explore planets and build with my friend. Unfortunately this is not the case. While yes I can see my friend and we can walk around, we can not interact with anything that we build, this is very disappointing. If you want to play solo this is great but gets boring after awhile. The biggest draw to this game, for myself, was being able to play with my friend. I really feel that the developers fell short on delivering a truly fun co-op muilitiplayer game. At this time I will be giving a thumbs down and would not recommand this game unless solo play is your thing. If they fix the co-op muilitiplayer I will give a better review but for now this game falls very short on a fun co-op muilitiplayer game. In short SOOOO glad I didnt pay full price because you can’t play it on a chromebook… however I found a clip that show you how to: fortnite chromebook

As get into contact with the various aliens in the game you also have the opportunity to learn about them, and even their language! It’s an awesome mechanic that really grabbed me.
The multi-player is very easy to jump into, and if you join a friend’s game you can load your save and go in with all your progress and stuff. This means you can progress on your own or with other people, it’s your decision.
I personally love the feeling of exploration, discovery, loneliness, mystery, and progress the game offers. Either alone or with friends, this game is definitely worth checking out! It’s currently on sale for 50% off, so what are you waiting for?