FIFA 19 – Worth a Buy? Or just get free coins and points?

All these people complaining about the discount. I get it. You wanna save money while still enjoying the game. Wait then. Every Steam game goes on sale eventually, so learn patience if you’re that bent on not spending a dime more than you possibly need to. Better a month-in discount rather than a re-re-rerelease of a triple A priced title that remains that price for 4 years and goes on a staggering 15% sale twice a year while still being a buggy mess, even with mods. Looking at you, Bethesda…

Ya, there are some problems I have with FIFA 19 but overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to play through it again even though I already got 100% completion, once they patch one of my outfit pieces disappearing in NG+. I would recommend the first and second over this one for a newcommer to the series for sure, but the story in this one managed to really grab ahold of me, just like the last two games (FIFA 18 & 17). So if you’re in it for the story, the raw emotion from the main characters, and some well done mechanics, even if you use those mechanics less than in the previous two titles, this is a great game, in my opinion.

Now the only downside to FUT is that you need to spend MORE irl money to advance your ultimate team… That being said you can do this to get it for free: fifa 19 glitch