FIFA 19 Review

Most of the negative reviews were at launch and have to do with two issues that weren’t really the fault of EA.

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Connection problems:
This was caused by the new EA Servers UI/Friends list update. The update happened far too late for EA to have enough time to smooth out any issues.

Save-game corruption:
After beating the final boss, a number of users reported getting crashes and having the game stall when they tried to reload, giving the appearance of a corrupted save. This was caused by codec issues on the user’s machine – what was happening was when the game was reloaded, it’d try to play the ending cutscene, but because the codec was missing, it’d stall, making it seems like the save file was bust. I am very keen to play here is how you can it get it for free: How to get fifa 19 for free

That being said, there were/are more legitimate issues such as blurry low-res textures and certain graphical effects causing fps drops. It’s just that a lot of it is overblown, and they’ve since been fixed.