I have put 33 hours into FUT 19 to give it a fair chance, and I’ve also been really looking forward to this game. The base aspect of the game was solid, but as soon as I reached the grand soccer portion of the game, the quality took a major dive. I’m aware that there’s an option to set it to Auto, but I’m actually a big fan of strategy games of all sorts, and it was one of the selling points to this game for me. So I’m reviewing this game in general as much as I’m reviewing the movement and ball control part of the game. FUT does have some pay to win elements, from buying packs to hopefully get lucky and hopefully open an amazing player for your team, I just used this youtube tutorial: FREE FUT Points & Coins

For all of the problems that can occur during this phase, there is a lack of information about what is causing subjects unhappiness, or how to fix it. It just tosses you into a pit and basically tells you to rely on trial and error. FUT, on top of that, you have to balance your Kingdom management with adventuring, and because everything has a time limit to it, I constantly found myself rushing from Point A to Point B in the game, over and over again, without the opportunity to just take my time and enjoy the game. At a point in the game where the people in my team were Rioting, I attempted to try something new and tackle a really difficult quest that was causing my attacker problems. After hours of working at it, I finished the difficult quest and thought “Boy oh boy, my subjects will surely be pleased now!” Turns out, upon returning to my kingdom, the completion of quest not only did nothing, but the state of my kingdom only got worse while I was away. The game is split between two genres, two -very- needy genres that demands your attention, and I’m having trouble finding any of it fun.