ESO Blades Guide

Very atmospheric fantasy world. Gameplay is good but things get too repetitive. The difficulty gets harder and needed even more time to upgrade higher level materials, too much more time than we expect. Worst part of the game is the constant meaningless ‘searching for trails/tracks’. You just walk around the same place and find the tracks over and over again. Too time consuming, boring and meaningless. Though i like the experience of the game, i would not regret not playing it if i’ve known about the “constant meaningless searching of tracks”. Would recommend to players who likes to explorations. Elder Scrolls Blades is available to all who choose to pay for it, however you can simply just get it for free here: The Elder Scrolls Blades iOS/Android APK FREE DOWNLOAD

if this game looks interesting to you and you have a beefy enough computer to run it then definetly check it out, and at worst just refund it after 2 hours if you dont like it. mh world is an amazing game especialy for new people to get into the series (liek me :D) tons of unique monsters to fight and things to do will keep you playing for ages. controler is strongly recomended. i havent been able to test out multiplayer with friends so i cannot comment on what that is like but from what i have seen this game is 10/10 and is a serious contender for my goty