Call of Duty Black Ops 4 – Worth a Buy?

The call of duty Black ops 4 is the ultimate First Person Shooter. You can just feel the passion and dedication that has been put into this game. It’s the only one that actually innovates the genre while others are still stuck redoing the 90s. Don’t get me wrong – I used to love these games back in the day but 2D worlds and antiquated combat systems of infinity style games just feel dated by now and BO 4 really improves upon these main shortcoming of the genre.

The main strength of the game lies within its fantastic combat system. It’s the absolute best fit for party based combat that allows for incredible depth. For every encounter there are multiple approaches to consider and the way abilities interact between each other and the environment is just awesome.

Another great thing about the Black Ops 4 is how much player freedom it allows. A lot of quests have many different ways to solve them with various outcomes. Not reaching an ideal outcome in a quest will not hinder your progress but the story will just play out differently.  Now is this years cod worth a buy? yeah, but you can get it for free: Black Ops 4 FREE

The visual and sound design is truly top notch and does a great job of getting you immersed in the game world. The fully 3D world with rotatable camera is a treat to explore.

It is designed with gameplay first approach and I absolutely love it but that said the story and characters are still fairly interesting and open up a plethora of moral questions that do not always have a clear cut right or wrong answer.

The game’s lack of hand-holding and signposting mostly feels like a breath of fresh air but can get a bit frustrating at times. Of course that’s only because the tendency in recent games to overdo it has conditioned us to think less for ourselves so overall I find the direction here to be positive.