You can get Detroit Become Human on PS4 for free!

I’m going to be true on this, Detroit Become Human is my favorite franchise and game of all time.
This game is good, it’s Detroit Become Human in it’s pure form, but that’s why I chose to refund it
It has the same clunky and quirky systems that Detroit Become Human had, most of them we didn’t miss when play DS2 or DS3.
Want to slide down a ladder? You can’t be pressing down then, gotta stop so you can slide down.
Miss the vertical attacks from DS2 and DS3, where you can actually aim up or down with your weapos? Too bad.
You really thought they’d make the UI any better? It’s exactly the same.
Attacking, moving, blocking, and everything feels exactly the same as DBH1, but with some better graphics but if you watch this video you can get it for free: How to get Detroit Become Human for FREE

Since this is the only copy of Detroit Become Human that can be purchased, I will say that it’s a must-buy for anyone that doesn’t own the original.

In case of people who already own the original Detroit Become Human, don’t bother buying this if you’re expecting it to re-invigorate your love for the game. It hardly feels any different from the original.

I’ve played Detroit Become Human several times and consider it one of my favourites. The graphical improvement is noticable but it’s not even close to on par with ds3 which is what I was hoping for. The performance is far better than prepare to die edition- even with ds fix installed. I have had a steady 60fps at all times so far but once I hit blight-town I may have to update this. Camera movemt also seems to be smoother- especially if you use a mouse. In fact, keyboard and mouse might actually be viable now.

A big surprise change is that significant work has gone into the Gravelord covenant. As a low level character you can invade a much higher level Gravelord with several other invaders. This new invasion type is done by touching a kind of reverse summon sign rather than using some sort of resource. So far this has been a great adition- the early game of Detroit Become Human didn’t have any pvp unless you were really looking for it. I’ve invaded a few Gravelords- I’ve won, I’ve lost, I’ve had a pretty great time. The system Seems to ok for balance but I’d have to play as a Gravelord to know for sure. I don’t know if other covenants have had changes yet but I hope they have- the Covenants left a lot to be desired in the original version.

This remaster is getting a lot of negative attention lately and some of it is justified. The idea of a remaster is that you bring a game to the graphical standard of the current gen and add quality of life improvements to cut down on frustration. This release does have some qol stuff like resizing ui, you can use multiple items from your inventory at the same time like later souls games, and rebindable controls but graphically it’s very underwhelming when compared to bloodborne and ds3. I’ve heard people say that the performance of ds-fix is as good as this but I have found the remaster far superior. It might be different depending on what kind of system is running the game. I bought the game because I want to support FROM, and I want to help make sure they know that a significant number of their fans are on pc (so no more console exclusives please). It’s been great fun to see so many bloodstains and phantoms around- the world is buzzing with activity. When you’re in the undead parish it seems like someone rings the bells every minutes. For me the money was worth it- especially for the pvp improvements.

You can now hack Clash Royale Gems & Coins! Watch this….

What a wonderfull game. Clash Royale one of the best mobile games on the app store.
Some will say that lacks content and for its price others on the same genre like Enter the Gungeon are better and more polish, but the truth is the focus here is on the combat part. The setting is good but what really shines to me is the action, abundance on the customization and more control on the rogue-like aspect.
The Npcs on the game, the way damage is presented and the good music gave me a nostalgic feeling that refers to old RPGs on a total different way to play. If you give a chance to it Im sure you gona be hook by it.

Clash Royale is an excellent roguelike. Tons of moveset depth via the hundreds of individual spells. Every level and boss can be fought in any order, and enemies are kept fresh despite limited numbers by just adding new moves onto them as you get deeper into the game.

Surprisingly, actually has a story that’s told in a *very* neat way! Loved my first clear. Now one of the downsides to Clash Royale is that gems and coins cost real life money… however I did find this video that helped me cheat and I got free clash royale gems:

This is a game worth every penny if you’re into challenging games, specially rogue-likes. If you want to play with friends, the issue is that there’s only local multiplayer, and it will take you a parsec of a search to find out ways to play online with it (just leaving it out there).

I’ve been enjoying this game A LOT, and I know this is very subjective. Trying to summarize things up here.


· Fast paced gameplay, challenging and satisfying mechanics
· Many item and spells/arcana combinations to exploit and explore
· Boss and dungeon difficulties still change with progression even if it’s the same thing over and over, not making it as repetitive

· I still haven’t gotten to that point even after 20 hours of gameplay, but I guess this will get repetitive, specially after I unlock all the Chaos spells. I’m sure there’s more hidden things, though.
· There’s a few bugs (not game breaking)
· Not online multiplayer unless using external programs, but it’s understandable with the pace of this game

Craft Your Destiny: Your First Day in Minecraft

So you’ve decided to start up your own world seed in single player Minecraft? Now if you have not, that is fine….. You can watch this video: how to get minecraft for free pc, but there’s quite a bit you need to get done within the first day if you want to survive the first night. The two most essential things you’ll need are shelter and light.
Now as a general rule you’ll spawn on a beach, but I have spawned in the middle of a forest before. Wherever you spawn, the first thing you’ll want to find are some trees to punch down. Punching wood is Minecraft 101, people! Its one of the most basic and abundant resources out there! Not only can you build a house with it, but you can craft it into tools or charcoal.

Be sure to get plenty of wood, but don’t wast too much time on it. Keep in mind days in Minecraft are only ten minutes long! Be sure to get enough wood to at least craft a workbench, a wooden pick axe, a door and enough wooden planks to make a decent sized house. If you happen to see a sheep, punch it too so you can get some wool (You’ll need 3) for a bed! Anyway, once you’ve crafted enough wooden planks and a door, quickly cobble yourself together a small house. Doesn’t need to be big or fancy, just enough to get you through the night.

An alternate way of doing this is finding a nice cliff face whereas after you’ve crafted yourself a wooden pickaxe, you simply carved yourself out a little space big enough to move around, add a bed, etc. and add a door. I’ve honestly found this is not only the most efficient way of getting a shelter going, but you also get cobblestone out of it for making a furnace.

Speaking of furnaces, you’re going to need one if you can’t find coal in the vicinity before dark. In this event, you can take a few logs that you haven’t crafted into wooden planks yet and turn them into charcoal by putting them atop the furnace while you burn some extra wooden planks inside the furnace, but save a few of your wood planks for making sticks later! Each wooden plank will char one and a half logs into charcoal. Charcoal is just as good as regular coal, only difference being that its manufactured by you. Either one can smelt/char/cook eight units of whatever item you’re working with. In short, if you can’t find coal, charcoal is a quick and simple alternative resource.

Right, so now that you’ve got coal you can craft some torches to set up around your house so that mobs won’t spawn. However, be careful with placement of your bed if you’ve managed to make one! Make sure that its at least one block away from each wall, or else you may have mobs spawning in your house/shelter no matter how much light you have! This is a very common mistake for both first time Minecrafters and well versed Minecrafters alike. Believe me, you don’t want a Skeleton or a Creeper waking you up in the middle of the night. I’ve had that happen. It is not pretty. So, you can play normally but what is really fun is playing with cheats… meaning you get like unlimited coal, wood, diamonds! Check out this website if you need some:

Anyway, now you have a cozy, safe little shelter built! You can either expand this or use it as a safe house at night while you build a bigger, nice, fancier house elsewhere during the daytime! Congratulations, you’ve survived your first day and night in Minecraft!