The iOS 12 Has Been Jailbroken

Hello guys!

And some good news today for jailbreakers on the latest ios 12! A guy on youtube has released a guide shown below:

On how you can jailbreak your iphone on iOS 12 with Cydia completely untethered (without a computer.)

We gave it a go and followed his tutorial. To our suprise Cydia was installed for free on iOS 12.1 device. Make sure to go and subscribe to his channel, he is doing some really cool tricks with awesome themes you can use on the new JB!

Anyways guys just wanted to let you know that this is working!



Minecraft in 2018? Plus how to download and play for free!

Minecraft is an awesome and fun game but it has too many toxic players. The loot crate system is bad as you can’t do anything with 90% of them except look at what they contain seeing as descriptors are rare. In 50% of the ranked games someone leaves after 1 min and with no real repurcussion for them, but Oh you had to play 2vs3 and ranked and lost? Too bad you demote. Oh you actually won 2vs3, no promotion for you. So until this game actually improves the ranking system, its fustrating as hell and it infuriates me to get stuck on a bad rank when searching solo, because a teammate leaves or is toxic and throws the game.

Solution: Increase the penalty for abandoning and for toxic behaviour and don’t penalise the team if 1 player leaves in ranked. Minecraft as a whole is an awesome game, and the developers definitely put in lots of work to make the game enjoyable and fun for all ages. It is a buy to play game, however after searching on youtube for a little bit, I found a way to get the game for free: How to download minecraft for free

There’s cheaters in almost every game and you have no choice but to waste 40 minutes playing through the game or getting a competitive cooldown. I just got into a game where most the players were cheating and throwing until it was just me and the two cheaters left and then they kicked me and now I have 7 days competitive cooldown for something that was completely out of my control. This game can be very fun at times if you get lucky and all 10 players have good sportsmanship and aren’t cheating but that’s very rare to find.

My Dokkan Battle Android and iOS Review

I had a mixed experience with DBZ, never played online because I simply don’t like multiplayer games, but in this case was not a hurdle, is simply and fun to play alone, you can tweak almost everything and even cheat if you feel the need…
I had some problems with the performance of the game (even with a high-end PC) and the fact it had a DLC when was still in Early Access, also heard some bad things about the devs, so it’s a game I still enjoy playing from time to time but cannot say “support the game” with all the problems I saw…
Search some videos on YouTube of people playing and if you like what you see buy in a sale, I guess, this is the best advice I can give because of how different people have different experiences with the game…

DBZ fan-boy is on here giving bad reviews on a game they’ve spend hundreds, if not, thousands of hours on, all because of this last DLC being delayed, as did every other DLC. Why do you feel so entitled to a video game? Take a deep breath, think about reality, and smack yourself in the face one time for being such a virgin. Now one of the downsides of dokkan battle, is that the game is pay 2 win, meaning that have to pay real life money to succeed in the game and actually compete against other people…. Luckily I found a tutorial on youtube that shows you how to get dragon stones for free here: Dokkan Battle Free Dragon Stones & Zeni

iOS 12 – The Review

Well guys, its that time again when Apple release all of their new phones and updates. With 12.1 just being released, whats stopping you from updating? Slowing down of phones is definitely a thing, however…. It has some amazing quality of life features as well as awesome games that you can play on the train or bus!

Here’s some of my favorite games to play on the iOS 12:

Tom Clancy’s rainbow Six Siege is epic, Because the graphics, gameplay, And many more great more reasons
I definitely recomend this game if you like Tactical, FPS, Shooter games as a start And if you dont know this has a Ranked gamemode, Overall R6 Siege is epic, And again i recommend this game very much for people who like Tactical, FPS, Shooter genres.

Also on the New iOS 12.1:

CS GO is actually a great game, so much fun.. When you can get to play a fair game

Unfortunately, too many cheaters. Wallhack, aimbot.. You will find these people alot
It’s kinda ruin my mood to play it again..
Are these people ever get a ban? I have no idea..
Seeing cheaters are so rampant here, I guess it’s not..

Buy only if you’ve prepared to meet these cheaters..
If not, don’t bother..

Now how can you play these games for free? Easy, jailbreak your device. I found a working tutorial on youtube here: How to Jailbreak iOS 12


Lo que todavía existen todos los contenidos perfil? Si usted no tiene gran preocupación ahora el usuario simplemente TikTok. información de la cuenta y la base de fans de los fabricantes de automóviles existentes tienen que mover algunas de las características de, Nueva aplicación TikTok, la asunción demasiado. Muestra personalizada para cada persona recomendaciones de vídeo entregadas “Usted” y el comportamiento que se suministran, la marca de la extracción de la Comunidad. Usted tiene sus amigos vídeo, nuevas herramientas creativas y la realidad virtual – llegar a una nueva función que puede reaccionar filtro acento TikTok actualización incluye la función de reacción. TikTok es una característica muy especial parece tomar del libro de texto de Facebook una hoja: Tik Tok Hack SEGUIDORES GRATIS

La aplicación tiene ahora una advertencia con los elementos digitales de bienestar cuando el usuario está TikTok durante más de dos horas. Esto es similar a la nueva función de Facebook y Instagram permite al usuario poner demasiado tiempo en aplicaciones sociales una fecha límite. A principios de este año, ahora TikTok sólo el principio parece ser, fue a descargar uno de los más populares en las aplicaciones de adquisición de mundo y.

FIFA 19 – Worth a Buy? Or just get free coins and points?

All these people complaining about the discount. I get it. You wanna save money while still enjoying the game. Wait then. Every Steam game goes on sale eventually, so learn patience if you’re that bent on not spending a dime more than you possibly need to. Better a month-in discount rather than a re-re-rerelease of a triple A priced title that remains that price for 4 years and goes on a staggering 15% sale twice a year while still being a buggy mess, even with mods. Looking at you, Bethesda…

Ya, there are some problems I have with FIFA 19 but overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to play through it again even though I already got 100% completion, once they patch one of my outfit pieces disappearing in NG+. I would recommend the first and second over this one for a newcommer to the series for sure, but the story in this one managed to really grab ahold of me, just like the last two games (FIFA 18 & 17). So if you’re in it for the story, the raw emotion from the main characters, and some well done mechanics, even if you use those mechanics less than in the previous two titles, this is a great game, in my opinion.

Now the only downside to FUT is that you need to spend MORE irl money to advance your ultimate team… That being said you can do this to get it for free: fifa 19 glitch

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 – Worth a Buy?

The call of duty Black ops 4 is the ultimate First Person Shooter. You can just feel the passion and dedication that has been put into this game. It’s the only one that actually innovates the genre while others are still stuck redoing the 90s. Don’t get me wrong – I used to love these games back in the day but 2D worlds and antiquated combat systems of infinity style games just feel dated by now and BO 4 really improves upon these main shortcoming of the genre.

The main strength of the game lies within its fantastic combat system. It’s the absolute best fit for party based combat that allows for incredible depth. For every encounter there are multiple approaches to consider and the way abilities interact between each other and the environment is just awesome.

Another great thing about the Black Ops 4 is how much player freedom it allows. A lot of quests have many different ways to solve them with various outcomes. Not reaching an ideal outcome in a quest will not hinder your progress but the story will just play out differently.  Now is this years cod worth a buy? yeah, but you can get it for free: Black Ops 4 FREE

The visual and sound design is truly top notch and does a great job of getting you immersed in the game world. The fully 3D world with rotatable camera is a treat to explore.

It is designed with gameplay first approach and I absolutely love it but that said the story and characters are still fairly interesting and open up a plethora of moral questions that do not always have a clear cut right or wrong answer.

The game’s lack of hand-holding and signposting mostly feels like a breath of fresh air but can get a bit frustrating at times. Of course that’s only because the tendency in recent games to overdo it has conditioned us to think less for ourselves so overall I find the direction here to be positive.

WWE Game in Review!

Progression/Leveling Up:
When visiting new regions, I’ll typically be there a while to explore all the points of interest before moving on. It’s very possible to stop in via a quest then jet off to the next mission marker, but as I am not playing that way I can’t speak to how much grind is necessary before hitting any level limitations. Just by me exploring locations and completing any objectives associated with it, I am leveling very steadily and above any requirements that the story may demand.

Piggy backing off of the previous leveling discussion, wwe does have microtransactions. They are marketed on the main title screen and offer not only cosmetics, but experience boosters, crafting materials, and weapons/armor. With my playstyle I have never been inclined what so ever to make any purchases, but this may not be the same for everyone. Here is how you can get it for free: wwe 2k19 free download

Performance and Bugs:
I’m running a GTX 1070ti and quad core intel processor. Beautiful graphics with steady frame rate. Only once has it dropped for a short time in a city to be noticeable. No crashes and no bugs that I’ve encountered. I’ve seen some odd enemy movement on rare occassion, but that’s it so far.

That about sums up my playtime thus far. I’m sure I’ll return with a bit more once I get farther into the world and story. Thanks!

Venom Tom Brady’s New Movie

I caught the new film Venom and I wanted to let the film sink in a bit before offering my review because one thing I don’t like is when people turn dog piling on a movie and really sadistic fashion almost like to having a competition who can be the most cruel especially when there’s so many people out there who genuinely sincere I want to see a movie featuring this character who been banging the drum for years and someone who spent a great deal of their life with their nose buried in a comic book I can totally relate to that kind of passion that said in the nicest possible terms I have to say this movie is absolutely terrible and I’m going to try and explain why I feel that way in an unemotional active way because I can’t remember a time where superhero movies were basically non-existent where if you got one every 5 to 10 years you were lucky and if you got one that was good that was even more rare but venomous the kind of movie that could ultimately kill the superhero phenomenon in movies and if all the superheroes genre had to offer was more movies like them I would I give up on my chin superhero movies entirely if you saw the movie and love it or if you haven’t seen you yet but you’re dying to see it is probably not going to be the video for you but if like me you were frustrated by the film let’s dig into it so as far as I’m concerned Marvel’s name should not even be on this movie I feel a lot of brand confusion Sony Pictures has had the rights to Spider-Man 4 very long time in a couple years ago they basically made a deal where any future movies featuring our favor Webhead would basically the creative side would be handled by Marvel but they would be financing distributed by Sony a win-win for everybody involved as far as I know he hasn’t made a good superhero movie. Now I did watch venom from this youtube clip: watch venom online free

since Spider-Man 2 back in 2004 Spider-Man 3 Amazing Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man 2 call just Abominations when I first saw the trailer for Venom in its everybody getting excited I kept my skepticism mostly to myself just because I didn’t want to be a buzz kill spoiling everybody’s fun if it ain’t easy movie connect with Amy Pascal name as producer it’s a very wise idea to lower your expectations all the way to the bottom that’s a totally understand why so he wants to launch their Spider-Man shared Universe in the era of these giant franchises if not working on at least a few of these shared universes you can be left Far Behind by the students that are Warner Brothers obviously has the World of Harry Potter and DC Comics and all these incredible horror movies and Marvel and Star Wars for god sakes who has the rights to Spider-Man they have no choice but to try and flush out a little mini contain Marvel Universe surrounding the Spider-Man characters without actually featuring Spider-Man and apparently then I’m supposed to be the beginning of a Trilogy that might lead into some other Spider-Man villain movies but what these movies are failing to recognize is that in the world of comics super villains and superheroes

How good is Spotify?

About 120 hours in and only about halfway through. Spotify is worth its money and is pretty damn well done. Difficulty is soso, oftentimes you run into the issue that you’ll lose connection for the main songs, but that stops being a problem if you are on WiFi or on a 4G device! Haven’t had to much of a problem with bugs and the like on my end, but I have an album randomly disappear  that I can’t complete because it’s gone now :/, they could fix that or at least make it save the album server side. There’s some translation errors, but nothing too bad. Still needs some work, but overall I’d recommend it.

On the whole I’ve had a very positive experience with Spotify. It adds a little polish and transparency to the Music formula and uses a campaign I’ve wanted to play for a long time. It has its issues with balance and bugs, but the pace of hotfixes has been fast since release and I’m hopeful that it will continue to improve with time.

Now, would you pay $9.99 a month for the premium version of it. Yes I would… but you can just get it for free, so there’s no real point. Just follow this youtube guide and you’ll get it: spotify premium free

I hope you guys have enjoyed my review!