Is PUBG worth playing anymore?

I don’t know where to start but… The game starts off incredibly fun at first like mine. I dropped somewhere at a place and got a gun and ammo and died because i didn’t know how to put ammo in the gun like I just had to reload it. I died 5 times trying to put the ammo dragging it to the gun. you’ll have this insane rush for few matches and then playing this game for a while you’ll notice these annoying things.

– Huge cheaters in the game. Aimbot, Wallhack etc. You die with a shotgun when you’re far away.
– Bugs. Vehicles fly into air randomly or glitching into walls. LAG.
– Random Force Closes and you just get stuck at some point which is so annoying.
– You won’t know how to use a gun till u use one. A practice mode would be better.
– Chinese People. They hack. Come to others Servers. Team Kills. Like they come to you after killing you and say China No.1. WTF ?. A region lock will be better.

Would recommend to People with good PC Specs.

I understand the PUBG Corporation is attempting to fix the hacker issue but they have now allowed it to literally be multiple teams EVERY game that hack. A game just finished 2 minutes after landing by one person spraying guns in Novo. Region lock needs to be step one.

At its core PUBG is an enjoyable game for those who like FPS or Battle Royale style games.
Its fun to play with friends and is also enjoyable solo. The game can provide exciting and fun moments and gameplay.


Ever since release this game has been plauged with annoyances and problems that to this day are still not patched/fixed.

Frequent desync and lag, garbage optimization that even some top end PC have trouble running the game, hits not registering or questionable hitboxes and as of late hackers that ruin the game completely. These issues are being constantly addressed in patch notes but never really fixed. If you are looking at purchasing pubg, i would just watch this video first….

But Bluehole instead focuses their attention at releasing an unfinished and broken game on console and dares to even release a 1.0 version even though the game still feels like early access.

Instead we are graced with crates for clothing and god forbid most likely to get gun skins in the future.