Is PUBG worth playing anymore?

I don’t know where to start but… The game starts off incredibly fun at first like mine. I dropped somewhere at a place and got a gun and ammo and died because i didn’t know how to put ammo in the gun like I just had to reload it. I died 5 times trying to put the ammo dragging it to the gun. you’ll have this insane rush for few matches and then playing this game for a while you’ll notice these annoying things.

– Huge cheaters in the game. Aimbot, Wallhack etc. You die with a shotgun when you’re far away.
– Bugs. Vehicles fly into air randomly or glitching into walls. LAG.
– Random Force Closes and you just get stuck at some point which is so annoying.
– You won’t know how to use a gun till u use one. A practice mode would be better.
– Chinese People. They hack. Come to others Servers. Team Kills. Like they come to you after killing you and say China No.1. WTF ?. A region lock will be better.

Would recommend to People with good PC Specs.

I understand the PUBG Corporation is attempting to fix the hacker issue but they have now allowed it to literally be multiple teams EVERY game that hack. A game just finished 2 minutes after landing by one person spraying guns in Novo. Region lock needs to be step one.

At its core PUBG is an enjoyable game for those who like FPS or Battle Royale style games.
Its fun to play with friends and is also enjoyable solo. The game can provide exciting and fun moments and gameplay.


Ever since release this game has been plauged with annoyances and problems that to this day are still not patched/fixed.

Frequent desync and lag, garbage optimization that even some top end PC have trouble running the game, hits not registering or questionable hitboxes and as of late hackers that ruin the game completely. These issues are being constantly addressed in patch notes but never really fixed. If you are looking at purchasing pubg, i would just watch this video first….

But Bluehole instead focuses their attention at releasing an unfinished and broken game on console and dares to even release a 1.0 version even though the game still feels like early access.

Instead we are graced with crates for clothing and god forbid most likely to get gun skins in the future.

How to Care for Very Dry Skin

How to Care For Very Dry Skin
Do you spend each winter itching? Do you have cracked heels? Your rough, scaly skin may need more than the usual winter skin care. If lotions don’t help, or if you’re tired of expensive skin care products, try these tips from a fellow sufferer and her many dermatologists.

Oil, oil, oil. Before you dress in the morning, and when you undress for bed, oil your whole body. Eucerin cream works well, as does AmLactin, an alpha-hydroxy lotion. Then put petroleum jelly or Aquaphor on your feet and hands. If you have especially dry, painful hands, get a box of the gloves food workers use, use the petroleum jelly on your hands, and wear the gloves over it to bed! Food-workers gloves are available in restaurant supply stores, many of which are online.

You can even do this with your feet, using plastic bags (grocery bags are fine) and covering them with socks! If your bed partner has no sense of humor about this, wear the gloves and foot bags around for an hour or two on your day off, while you’re cleaning or watching TV.

Bathe carefully: Quit that morning shower. Instead, bathe before bed, using a colloidal oatmeal product like Aveeno or your drugstore’s version of the same thing. Put a little oil in the bath if your skin feels extra dry. When a shower is unavoidable (like after a session in the muddy garden), use a colloidal oatmeal oil after the shower. And whether you take a bath or shower, never use very hot water; it will dry skin even more.

No soap: The oatmeal bath will clean your skin just fine. For hands and face, even the super moisturized soaps can dry skin. Instead, use Cetaphil to wash your hands and plain water to wash your face. You might even want to invest in a movable shower head, so that you can wash your hair without having the shampoo running down your body and making more itchy spots. In the winter, you probably don’t need to wash your hair more than two or three times a week. I always prefer a natural shampoo anyways!

No perfume: Dry skin is sensitive skin. If the skin care lotion smells good, or has dozens of ingredients, your sensitive skin won’t like it. A light perfume spray will give you all the scent you need. And you’ll also avoid the clashing scent problem you can get from using several kinds of lotion, each with its distinctive smell.

Get the right laundry detergent. Many detergents now come in unscented, dye free versions. Give your sensitive skin every possible break!

Wear gloves: For washing dishes or hand-washing clothes, use rubber gloves. For cleaning, invest in a box of health care worker’s gloves. Get vinyl, not latex, and make sure they are powder-free. These are available at any pharmacy. With them, you can feel what you’re doing without getting any cleaning stuff on your hands. Believe me, you can get things clean with gloves–I do it every day! And your dry skin will love you.

Where to buy it: Your local drugstore will have all the skin care products mentioned in this article, although you might have to ask for some of them at the pharmacy counter. And you might have to special-order the AmLactin, either through your pharmacy or online. Restaurant workers’ gloves can be ordered online from a restaurant supply store. You might even have such a store in your town – I do.

Don’t worry about feeling weird about all this! In our clean-obsessed society, everyone else seems to scrub themselves down constantly. That’s fine, if you have oily or normal skin. If your dry skin flakes inside your black turtlenecks, however, all that scrubbing is just painful. Give your skin the care it really needs, and your winter skin won’t be itchy, flaky, or painful.

No Fuss No-Mess Hair Styles For Professionals

While people think of elegance, often they are comparing themselves to someone else. Doing this isn’t healthy. Beauty is about who you are about how your watch yourself and only more. This article will give you much advice on beauty to use to enhance oneself watch.

Always use a facial lotion. Do not miss moisturizing just because your skin is fatty–merely pick an oil- variety that is free. Work with a moisturizer that contains SPF.

Exfoliate throat and that person at the least two times weekly. Exfoliating helps eliminate dead skin tissues and carry fresh skin tissues for the surface. This will make when you do this you look refreshed and balanced. However, you should avoid carrying it out a lot of as it could worsen your face.

Tired of coping with a lot of flyaways and frizzies? Rub on lotion into the hands after which lightly stepped on your hair’s curly a part. This can help these locks that are annoying to put level together with the remainder of your hair and start to become non-existent for the length of the day.

By adjusting your eyeliner application, for those who have round eyes, it is possible to elongate them. The outside two-thirds of top lash lines and ones lower should be lined with a darkish ship. The two collections must fulfill at every eye’s visible place. Finally, apply two applications of mascara to your outer upper lashes.

For stunning fingernails, put a top coat on top of your nail polish each time. Topcoat will not just retain your claws looking bright; it will increase the length of time passed between polishing. Because it is not the same merchandise, avoid replacing clear nail polish for a topcoat, and can not supply the same gain.

Expand the line at the outermost fringe of your attention so that it uses the simple bend of one’s lower lashline when using winged eyeliner. This can help so that it looks more natural it mix with the model of your vision. The eyeliner ought to be thickest at the outer place of your image then blend into a place in the wing’s tip. If you are having trouble with your beauty regime from eczema or other skin problems, try this cream for itchy skin!

For an inexpensive, massage- over a plate of hot water like cosmetic only trim yourself! Cover or wrap your hair up, load any package with water that is genuinely warm and invite the vapor transparent and to start your pores! It’s exciting and soothing and incredibly cost effective. Follow up with cold water to close and renew pores, then add lotion!

A second home sponge works just as well within the bathroom. These sponges work actually, as acquiring another sponge that is costly and they will not run you just as much money.

For those who have found minor white lumps know these are called Milia and so are somewhat widespread that. They’re a kind of a tumor due to dry, dead cells being captured underneath the skin. You use a moisturizer that features an exfoliant with vitamin A to help them disappear or can test peeling, and stop them in the foreseeable future.

You probably realize the harm that researching your splendor against others can cause. Elegance is a thing that everyone views differently. If you’re currently working on your beauty, this short article has offered you a success of understanding. Use this to enhance instead of fretting about how others might find you, how you experience oneself.

Skin Care for Individuals Over 40

This article discusses skin care and includes the cellular process of skin aging, causal factors for skin aging, and ways to prevent skin aging.

Skin care is rapidly becoming a topic of interest for both women and men. Advances in technology have been able to proffer information about aesthetic preservation that simply was not available in the past. When understanding how to optimally care for the skin, it becomes important to understand many of the biophysical influences of skin aging. There are certain factors in the skin aging process that can’t be controlled: loss of fat below the facial skin; bone loss, mostly around the chin and mouth; and cartilage loss in the nose. The loss of elastin and collagen in older skin causes it to become fragile, slack and dry. The thinning of the epidermis causes skin to become more transparent, and thinner blood vessel walls cause easy bruising. The loss of sweat and oil glands also cause dry skin and wrinkles (ashford, LeCroy and Lortie,).

Causal Factors for Skin Deterioration

Some factors that can be controlled are: exposure to the sun, smoking, stress, facial movement and the way a person sleeps. For some people, especially those whose jobs are outdoors, it is not possible to avoid exposure to the sun, but they can use a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher and wear protective clothing, including hats and sunglasses.

Smoking not only causes wrinkles, but it produces free radicals in the body which also contribute to aging skin. Excessive frowning will increase the wrinkles in the forehead area and between the eyes. Sleep creases are caused from the way the head is positioned on the pillow and can result in increase wrinkles at the temples and in the middle of the cheeks.

It is important to hydrate both body and atmosphere. Along with drinking plenty of water, make sure there is plenty of moisture in the air. A humidifier would help add moisture, especially during the winter months and for those living in dry climates.

Skin Care and the Importance of Moisturizing

The vast selection of moisturizers and skin creams on the market make it very difficult to choose the right ones. Dry skin usually responds better to oil-based moisturizers rather than water-based moisturizers. Products which contain olive oil, avocado oil, argon oil or almond oil not only moisturize the face, but should be used on the entire body. Also look for lotions that contain humectants, substances that will attract moisture to the skin, and lipids, substances that not only protect the skin from outside influences, but have an anti-inflammatory effect. Remember to moisturize the entire body, this includes hair and lips. If you are struggling with skin conditions try a eczema gel from Grahams Natural!

It is important to avoid using masks and peels that are clay based. Rather, look for ones that are deeply hydrating. Alcohol-based toners and astringents should not be used.

Hot water breaks down the lipid barriers in the skin, which in turn can lead to a loss of moisture. So it is practical to take warm baths/showers and limit the time spent in them.

What are the Benefits of Minerals Makeup?: Manufacturers Claim Skin Care Benefits for Minerals Cosmetics

Minerals makeup has been the subject of something of a cosmetics revolution in recent years, with most major makeup brands now supplying their own range of mineral foundation and mineral eyeshadow. The rise in popularity of minerals makeup may well be due to claims by manufacturers that minerals products not only look fabulous, but have associated skin care benefits.

What is Minerals Makeup?

Minerals makeup is made from rocks which are finely ground to give it the appearance and texture of a fine powder. The makeup is brushed directly onto the skin. True minerals makeup should contain no additives, perfumes, irritants or fillers. It is generally made by mixing finely ground minerals with water to form a thick paste. Manufacturing processes can differ from this point but in their article in The Times on minerals makeup, Joanna McGarry and Francesca White describe a process which is deployed by manufacturers (including Mac) in which the paste is then baked on terracotta tiles in the sun for 24 hours. Later, colour can be added using iron oxide which is also a natural product. Mineral makeups have also been known to cause skin irritations and conditions, these may include eczema & psoriasis so be careful.

natural makeup

Minerals cosmetics retail at prices ranging from £10 to upwards of £50. Products are available from traditional cosmetics suppliers and specialist manufacturers such as Bare Escentuals (responsible for the Bare Minerals range), Jane Iredale and Afterglow.

What are the Benefits of Bare Minerals Cosmetics?

Minerals cosmetics are claimed to benefit the skin because they are constituted from natural products which are extracted directly from the earth and are less likely to irritate the skin. The specific benefits are:

  • Minerals makeup is non-comedogenic, meaning that it won’t clog pores and allows skin to breathe more easily. On that basis, minerals makeup is claimed to benefit sufferers of acne and rosacea, and it should be less likely to induce allergic skin responses.
  • The two key ingredients found in most bare minerals cosmetic products are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Both are natural ingredients which are considered to have anti-inflammatory properties, which could have a calming effect on conditions such as rosacea and acne.
  • Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are natural ingredients which are found in most sunscreen products and minerals makeup should therefore provide some degree of protection against the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. Always remember to use an organic lip balm which will protect your lips from the sun!
  • Minerals cosmetics are said to give a luminous glow which can’t be obtained from more traditional makeup.This may be due to the fine powder texture of most of the products, which is less inclined to melt in the heat like liquid cosmetics (liquid versions of minerals products are available, but manufacturers have tended to avoid them owing to the need to add preservatives to a liquid).
  • As pure minerals makeup contains no fillers or added powders, it should be less likely to settle into fine lines or skin creases.
  • Joanna McGarry and Francesca White’s Times article carries an interview with Susan Posnick, who has her own range of minerals cosmetics. She claims that “the minerals respond to the warmth of the body to create a second skin that makes your complexion fresh and luminous”.
  • Bare Escentuals, the company behind the well known Bare Essentials brand of minerals makeup and one of the best selling brands of mineral foundation in the United States, has even claimed that its mineral cosmetics are so pure that its customers can sleep while wearing their products. It is difficult to imagine any manufacturer of traditional cosmetics making such a claim; nightly removal of traditional makeup is generally advised.

Notwithstanding these benefits and the undoubted popularity of minerals makeup, there are some notable drawbacks to using these products. However, minerals cosmetics are an exciting development in the cosmetics field and may well be worthy of consideration by anyone suffering from skin problems caused by blocked pores.